The Security of Supply of Medical Radioisotopes: Demand and Capacity Projections for 99Mo/99mTc for the 2023-2027 Period

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This report includes information provided confidentially by supply chain participants to support this new work of the NEA, which follows previous work undertaken by the High-level Group on the Security of Supply of Medical Radioisotopes (HLG-MR), whose fourth and final mandate ended in December 2018. This report honours the NEA's commitment made at the conclusion of the HLG-MR to continue monitoring the supply situation.

Comparing NEA demand estimates with projections of production capacity and facility utilisation for molybdenum-99/technetium-99m, this report provides scenarios for the security of supply up to 2027, for the first time since 2019. These projections are intended to help policymakers, producers of medical radioisotopes and other stakeholders make the appropriate decisions to ensure an economically sustainable, long-term and secure supply of the key medical isotope molybdenum-99 and its decay product, technetium-99m, until 2027 and beyond.