Use of NEA Database Projects Operating Experience Data for Probabilistic Safety Assessment

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As noted in the Joint CSNI/CNRA Strategic Plan and Mandates (NEA, 2019), the safe operation of current, new and advanced nuclear facilities is a key challenge for nuclear regulators and technical safety organisations. As described in the Strategic Plan, this challenge is being addressed in part by utilising operating experience, research and analytical tools (such as the PSA). Accurate and complete operating experience data is needed to ensure that PSA results realistically represent as-built and as-operated nuclear power plants and to provide useful and meaningful insights.

The NEA joint database projects and information exchange programmes enable interested countries, on a cost-sharing basis, to pursue research or share data with respect to particular areas or problems. There are three joint NEA database projects with direct relevance to PSA activities:

• International Common-cause Failure Data Exchange (ICDE);

• Fire Incidents Record Exchange (FIRE);

• Component Operational Experience, Degradation and Ageing Programme (CODAP).