Summary and Main Outcomes of the NEA Nuclear Safety Research Joint Projects Week: Success Stories and Opportunities for Future Developments

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The NEA held a Nuclear Safety Research Joint Projects Week virtual event from 9-13 January 2023 to review the accomplishments of NEA Joint Nuclear Safety Projects over the last four decades and to discuss future perspectives. Through a series of webinars, leaders in the sector and research project operators discussed the outcomes of close to fifty nuclear safety projects and examined how the established frameworks, research platforms and networks could effectively support future developments in nuclear energy.

This brochure sets out the main conclusions and recommendations of the event regarding the nuclear safety research joint projects framework and plans for nuclear safety research. These outcomes are guiding NEA actions to develop future collective nuclear safety research activites needed for continued operation of the existing fleet and large-scale construction of new plants. This is of specific importance when several countries have committed to nuclear energy to achieve climate goals.