Experts discuss relevant good practices in reactor oversight

WGRO meeting, February 2024

The NEA Working Group on the Reactor Oversight (WGRO) was established in January 2023 to provide a mechanism for nuclear safety regulators and technical support organisations to share their knowledge and experience on both, the human and technical aspects of reactor oversight. The group held its third meeting on 12-15 February 2024 to discuss the ongoing work and future activities. The meeting brought together around 30 delegates from 19 member countries.

During the meeting, the experts shared relevant good practices as well as lessons learnt on their reactor oversight activities including the day-to-day operations to help regulators perform their functions more effectively and efficiently. The group also discussed the recent observed inspections held in the Netherlands and Slovenia in 2023, and the schedule for the 2024 observed inspections to be held in Slovak Republic and Finland. Information collected during these inspections will be made available to member countries in order to improve their inspection techniques. 

The WGRO meeting also featured a discussion about the first WGRO workshop on International Nuclear Regulatory Oversight (INROW) which will be held in Japan in November 2024.

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