Traditional and Novel Measurement Methods for Validation of Multi-Physics Modelling and Simulation Tools


The NEA Nuclear Science Committee (NSC) mandated the Expert Group on Multi-Physics Experimental Data, Benchmarks and Validation (EGMPEBV) in 2014 to provide oversight of activities associated with the certification of experimental data and development of benchmark models for validation of multi-physics (MP) modelling and simulation (M&S) computational systems. In addition, this Expert Group was seeking to establish appropriate processes and procedures for the use of data and benchmark models for validation of M&S tools and data. The EGMPEBV mandate expired in 2020 and its scope became part of the activities of the Expert Group on Reactor Systems Multi-Physics (EGMUP) supervised by the Working Party on Scientific Issues and Uncertainty Analysis of Reactor Systems (WPRS).

This working paper has been developed to support the  EGMUP activities in providing an overview of the challenges with traditional and novel measurement methods for validation of multi-physics M&S tools.