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ZZ AMPXJEFF3.3-UPM, AMPX-formatted Neutron Cross Section Library and Covariances based on JEFF-3.3

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Program name Package id Status Status date
ZZ-AMPXJEFF3.3-UPM NEA-1928/01 Arrived 16-SEP-2022

Machines used:

Package ID Orig. computer Test computer
NEA-1928/01 Linux-based PC,PC Windows
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This package includes:

  • Continuous energy neutron cross-section data library based on the JEFF-3.3 evaluated nuclear data file for the Monte Carlo codes distributed within SCALE Code System (AMPX format).

  • Covariance matrices based on JEFF-3.3 collapsed into two group structures (33- and 7-group) using a weighting spectrum optimised for fast spectrum systems (COVERX format).


NEUTRON ENERGY RANGE: 1.0e-5 eV – 20.0 MeV


NUCLIDES (562): 1-H-1g, 1-H-2g, 1-H-3g, 2-He-3g, 2-He-4g, 3-Li-6g, 3-Li-7g, 4-Be-9g, 5-B-10g, 5-B-11g, 6-C-0g, 6-C-13g, 7-N-14g, 7-N-15g, 8-O-16g, 8-O-17g, 8-O-18g, 9-F-19g, 10-Ne-20g, 10-Ne-21g, 10-Ne-22g, 11-Na-22g, 11-Na-23g, 12-Mg-24g, 12-Mg-25g, 12-Mg-26g, 12-Mg-27g, 13-Al-26g, 13-Al-27g, 14-Si-28g, 14-Si-29g, 14-Si-30g, 14-Si-31g, 14-Si-32g, 15-P-31g, 15-P-32g, 15-P-33g, 16-S-32g, 16-S-33g, 16-S-34g, 16-S-35g, 16-S-36g, 17-Cl-35g, 17-Cl-36g, 17-Cl-37g, 18-Ar-36g, 18-Ar-37g, 18-Ar-38g, 18-Ar-39g, 18-Ar-40g, 18-Ar-41g, 19-K-39g, 19-K-40g, 19-K-41g, 20-Ca-40g, 20-Ca-41g, 20-Ca-42g, 20-Ca-43g, 20-Ca-44g, 20-Ca-45g, 20-Ca-46g, 20-Ca-47g, 20-Ca-48g, 21-Sc-44g, 21-Sc-45g, 21-Sc-46g, 21-Sc-47g, 21-Sc-48g, 22-Ti-44g, 22-Ti-46g, 22-Ti-47g, 22-Ti-48g, 22-Ti-49g, 22-Ti-50g, 23-V-48g, 23-V-49g, 23-V-50g, 23-V-51g, 24-Cr-50g, 24-Cr-51g, 24-Cr-52g, 24-Cr-53g, 24-Cr-54g, 25-Mn-52g, 25-Mn-53g, 25-Mn-54g, 25-Mn-55g, 26-Fe-54g, 26-Fe-55g, 26-Fe-56g, 26-Fe-57g, 26-Fe-58g, 26-Fe-59g, 26-Fe-60g, 27-Co-56g, 27-Co-57g, 27-Co-58g, 27-Co-58m, 27-Co-59g, 27-Co-60g, 27-Co-62m, 28-Ni-56g, 28-Ni-57g, 28-Ni-58g, 28-Ni-59g, 28-Ni-60g, 28-Ni-61g, 28-Ni-62g, 28-Ni-63g, 28-Ni-64g, 28-Ni-66g, 29-Cu-63g, 29-Cu-64g, 29-Cu-65g, 29-Cu-66g, 29-Cu-67g, 30-Zn-64g, 30-Zn-65g, 30-Zn-66g, 30-Zn-67g, 30-Zn-68g, 30-Zn-70g, 31-Ga-67g, 31-Ga-69g, 31-Ga-71g, 32-Ge-70g, 32-Ge-72g, 32-Ge-73g, 32-Ge-74g, 32-Ge-76g, 33-As-71g, 33-As-72g, 33-As-73g, 33-As-74g, 33-As-75g, 33-As-76g, 33-As-77g, 34-Se-74g, 34-Se-75g, 34-Se-76g, 34-Se-77g, 34-Se-78g, 34-Se-79g, 34-Se-80g, 34-Se-82g, 35-Br-77g, 35-Br-79g, 35-Br-81g, 35-Br-82g, 36-Kr-78g, 36-Kr-80g, 36-Kr-82g, 36-Kr-83g, 36-Kr-84g, 36-Kr-85g, 36-Kr-86g, 37-Rb-85g, 37-Rb-86g, 37-Rb-87g, 37-Rb-88g, 38-Sr-83g, 38-Sr-84g, 38-Sr-85g, 38-Sr-86g, 38-Sr-87g, 38-Sr-88g, 38-Sr-89g, 38-Sr-90g, 39-Y-87g, 39-Y-88g, 39-Y-89g, 39-Y-90g, 39-Y-91g, 40-Zr-88g, 40-Zr-89g, 40-Zr-90g, 40-Zr-91g, 40-Zr-92g, 40-Zr-93g, 40-Zr-94g, 40-Zr-95g, 40-Zr-96g, 41-Nb-91g, 41-Nb-92g, 41-Nb-93g, 41-Nb-94g, 41-Nb-94m, 41-Nb-95g, 42-Mo-100g, 42-Mo-92g, 42-Mo-93g, 42-Mo-94g, 42-Mo-95g, 42-Mo-96g, 42-Mo-97g, 42-Mo-98g, 42-Mo-99g, 43-Tc-96g, 43-Tc-97g, 43-Tc-98g, 43-Tc-99g, 44-Ru-100g, 44-Ru-101g, 44-Ru-102g, 44-Ru-103g, 44-Ru-104g, 44-Ru-105g, 44-Ru-106g, 44-Ru-96g, 44-Ru-97g, 44-Ru-98g, 44-Ru-99g, 45-Rh-101g, 45-Rh-102g, 45-Rh-103g, 45-Rh-104g, 45-Rh-105g, 45-Rh-99g, 46-Pd-102g, 46-Pd-103g, 46-Pd-104g, 46-Pd-105g, 46-Pd-106g, 46-Pd-107g, 46-Pd-108g, 46-Pd-110g, 47-Ag-106m, 47-Ag-107g, 47-Ag-108g, 47-Ag-109g, 47-Ag-110g, 47-Ag-110m, 47-Ag-111g, 48-Cd-106g, 48-Cd-108g, 48-Cd-109g, 48-Cd-110g, 48-Cd-111g, 48-Cd-112g, 48-Cd-113g, 48-Cd-114g, 48-Cd-115m, 48-Cd-116g, 49-In-113g, 49-In-114g, 49-In-115g, 50-Sn-112g, 50-Sn-113g, 50-Sn-114g, 50-Sn-115g, 50-Sn-116g, 50-Sn-117g, 50-Sn-118g, 50-Sn-119g, 50-Sn-120g, 50-Sn-121g, 50-Sn-122g, 50-Sn-123g, 50-Sn-124g, 50-Sn-125g, 50-Sn-126g, 51-Sb-121g, 51-Sb-122g, 51-Sb-123g, 51-Sb-124g, 51-Sb-125g, 51-Sb-126g, 51-Sb-127g, 52-Te-120g, 52-Te-121g, 52-Te-122g, 52-Te-123g, 52-Te-124g, 52-Te-125g, 52-Te-126g, 52-Te-127m, 52-Te-128g, 52-Te-129m, 52-Te-130g, 52-Te-131m, 52-Te-132g, 53-I-126g, 53-I-127g, 53-I-128g, 53-I-129g, 53-I-130g, 53-I-131g, 53-I-135g, 54-Xe-123g, 54-Xe-124g, 54-Xe-126g, 54-Xe-127g, 54-Xe-128g, 54-Xe-129g, 54-Xe-130g, 54-Xe-131g, 54-Xe-132g, 54-Xe-133g, 54-Xe-134g, 54-Xe-135g, 54-Xe-135m, 54-Xe-136g, 55-Cs-133g, 55-Cs-134g, 55-Cs-135g, 55-Cs-136g, 55-Cs-137g, 56-Ba-130g, 56-Ba-131g, 56-Ba-132g, 56-Ba-133g, 56-Ba-134g, 56-Ba-135g, 56-Ba-136g, 56-Ba-137g, 56-Ba-138g, 56-Ba-139g, 56-Ba-140g, 57-La-137g, 57-La-138g, 57-La-139g, 57-La-140g, 58-Ce-136g, 58-Ce-137g, 58-Ce-138g, 58-Ce-139g, 58-Ce-140g, 58-Ce-141g, 58-Ce-142g, 58-Ce-143g, 58-Ce-144g, 59-Pr-141g, 59-Pr-142g, 59-Pr-143g, 60-Nd-142g, 60-Nd-143g, 60-Nd-144g, 60-Nd-145g, 60-Nd-146g, 60-Nd-147g, 60-Nd-148g, 60-Nd-150g, 61-Pm-147g, 61-Pm-148g, 61-Pm-148m, 61-Pm-149g, 61-Pm-151g, 62-Sm-144g, 62-Sm-145g, 62-Sm-146g, 62-Sm-147g, 62-Sm-148g, 62-Sm-149g, 62-Sm-150g, 62-Sm-151g, 62-Sm-152g, 62-Sm-153g, 62-Sm-154g, 63-Eu-151g, 63-Eu-152g, 63-Eu-152m, 63-Eu-153g, 63-Eu-154g, 63-Eu-155g, 63-Eu-156g, 63-Eu-157g, 64-Gd-148g, 64-Gd-149g, 64-Gd-150g, 64-Gd-151g, 64-Gd-152g, 64-Gd-153g, 64-Gd-154g, 64-Gd-155g, 64-Gd-156g, 64-Gd-157g, 64-Gd-158g, 64-Gd-160g, 64-Gd-161g, 65-Tb-158g, 65-Tb-159g, 65-Tb-160g, 66-Dy-156g, 66-Dy-158g, 66-Dy-159g, 66-Dy-160g, 66-Dy-161g, 66-Dy-162g, 66-Dy-163g, 66-Dy-164g, 66-Dy-165g, 67-Ho-163g, 67-Ho-165g, 67-Ho-166m, 68-Er-162g, 68-Er-164g, 68-Er-166g, 68-Er-167g, 68-Er-168g, 68-Er-169g, 68-Er-170g, 68-Er-171g, 68-Er-172g, 69-Tm-169g, 69-Tm-170g, 69-Tm-171g, 70-Yb-168g, 70-Yb-169g, 70-Yb-170g, 70-Yb-171g, 70-Yb-172g, 70-Yb-173g, 70-Yb-174g, 70-Yb-175g, 70-Yb-176g, 71-Lu-173g, 71-Lu-174g, 71-Lu-175g, 71-Lu-176g, 71-Lu-177g, 72-Hf-174g, 72-Hf-175g, 72-Hf-176g, 72-Hf-177g, 72-Hf-178g, 72-Hf-179g, 72-Hf-180g, 72-Hf-181g, 72-Hf-182g, 73-Ta-179g, 73-Ta-180m, 73-Ta-181g, 73-Ta-182g, 74-W-180g, 74-W-181g, 74-W-182g, 74-W-183g, 74-W-184g, 74-W-185g, 74-W-186g, 74-W-188g, 75-Re-185g, 75-Re-186g, 75-Re-187g, 75-Re-188g, 76-Os-184g, 76-Os-185g, 76-Os-186g, 76-Os-187g, 76-Os-188g, 76-Os-189g, 76-Os-190g, 76-Os-191g, 76-Os-192g, 76-Os-193g, 77-Ir-190g, 77-Ir-191g, 77-Ir-192g, 77-Ir-193g, 78-Pt-190g, 78-Pt-191g, 78-Pt-192g, 78-Pt-193g, 78-Pt-194g, 78-Pt-195g, 78-Pt-196g, 78-Pt-198g, 79-Au-197g, 80-Hg-196g, 80-Hg-198g, 80-Hg-199g, 80-Hg-200g, 80-Hg-201g, 80-Hg-202g, 80-Hg-203g, 80-Hg-204g, 81-Tl-202g, 81-Tl-203g, 81-Tl-204g, 81-Tl-205g, 82-Pb-204g, 82-Pb-205g, 82-Pb-206g, 82-Pb-207g, 82-Pb-208g, 83-Bi-208g, 83-Bi-209g, 83-Bi-210g, 84-Po-208g, 84-Po-209g, 88-Ra-223g, 88-Ra-224g, 88-Ra-225g, 88-Ra-226g, 89-Ac-225g, 89-Ac-226g, 89-Ac-227g, 90-Th-227g, 90-Th-228g, 90-Th-229g, 90-Th-230g, 90-Th-232g, 90-Th-233g, 90-Th-234g, 91-Pa-231g, 91-Pa-232g, 91-Pa-233g, 92-U-232g, 92-U-233g, 92-U-234g, 92-U-235g, 92-U-236g, 92-U-237g, 92-U-238g, 92-U-239g, 92-U-240g, 92-U-241g, 93-Np-235g, 93-Np-236g, 93-Np-237g, 93-Np-238g, 93-Np-239g, 94-Pu-236g, 94-Pu-237g, 94-Pu-238g, 94-Pu-239g, 94-Pu-240g, 94-Pu-241g, 94-Pu-242g, 94-Pu-243g, 94-Pu-244g, 94-Pu-246g, 95-Am-241g, 95-Am-242g, 95-Am-242m, 95-Am-243g, 95-Am-244g, 95-Am-244m, 96-Cm-240g, 96-Cm-241g, 96-Cm-242g, 96-Cm-243g, 96-Cm-244g, 96-Cm-245g, 96-Cm-246g, 96-Cm-247g, 96-Cm-248g, 96-Cm-249g, 96-Cm-250g, 97-Bk-247g, 97-Bk-249g, 97-Bk-250g, 98-Cf-249g, 98-Cf-250g, 98-Cf-251g, 98-Cf-252g, 98-Cf-253g, 98-Cf-254g, 99-Es-253g, 99-Es-254g, 99-Es-255g, 100-Fm-255g


TEMPERATURES: 293 K, 565 K, 600 K, 900 K, 1200 K, 1500 K, 2000 K, and 2400 K



  • H bound in orthoH, 14 K, 15 K, 16 K, 17 K, 18 K, 19 K, 20 K

  • H bound in paraH, 14 K, 15 K, 16 K, 17 K, 18 K, 19 K, 20 K

  • H bound in CH2, 293.6 K, 350 K

  • H bound in water, 293.6 K, 323.6 K, 373.6 K, 423.6 K, 473.6 K, 523.6 K, 573.6 K, 623.6 K, 647.2 K, 800 K, 1000 K

  • H bound in ice, 77 K, 115 K, 233 K, 243 K, 253 K, 263 K, 273 K

  • H bound in Mesitlyene Phase II, 20 K, 120 K

  • H bound in toluene, 20 K, 120 K

  • H bound in ZrH, 293.6 K, 400 K, 500 K, 600.0 K, 700 K, 800 K, 1000 K, 1200 K

  • D bound in D2O, 283.6 K, 293.6 K, 300 K, 323.6 K, 350 K, 400 K, 423.6 K, 450 K, 473.6 K, 500 K, 523.6 K, 550 K, 573.6 K, 600 K, 623.6 K, 650 K

  • O bound in D2O, 283.6 K, 293.6 K, 300 K, 323.6 K, 350 K, 400 K, 423.6 K, 450 K, 473.6 K, 500 K, 523.6 K, 550 K, 573.6 K, 600 K, 623.6 K, 650 K

  • D bound in orthoD, 19 K, 20 K, 21 K, 22 K, 23 K

  • D bound in paraD, 19 K, 20 K, 21 K, 22 K, 23 K

  • Be bound in Be metal, 293 K, 400 K, 500 K, 600 K, 700 K, 800 K, 1000 K, 1200 K

  • Al bound in Al2O3, 293 K

  • O bound in Al2O3, 293K

  • Si in Silicon, 296 K

  • Graphite, 293.6 K, 400 K, 500 K, 600 K, 700 K, 800 K, 1000 K, 1200 K, 1600 K, 2000 K, 3000 K


ORIGIN: JEFF-3.3 [5]


NEUTRON WEIGHTING SPECTRUM FOR GENERATING COVARIANCES: Corresponding to the IWT=8 option in the GROUPR module of NJOY, which is generically optimised for fast reactor analysis (i.e. it is not associated to any specific system). The provided covariances are thus not recommended for thermal system analysis.

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This library has been generated using AMPX-6 nuclear data processing code [2] and specifically the version distributed under SCALE-6.3.0 beta 11 version [1].


All the inputs created and applied for the processing of the JEFF-3.3 cross-section data library and covariance matrices are also provided by this package.


Testing and benchmarking activities for the JEFF-3.3 CE cross-section library are documented through selected bibliography. In the testing phase, a criticality validation suite of 120 cases is used from the International Handbook of Evaluated Criticality Safety Benchmark Experiments (ICSBEP) (available for request at This suite covers a variety of fuel, moderators, reflectors, spectra, and geometries. In this package, all the KENO inputs for this criticality suite are also provided for testing and benchmarking purposes. It is worth mentioning that the majority of these KENO inputs are directly available in th ICSBEP Handbook database.


This analysis addresses the comparison between SCALE and MCNP, which uses cross-section data processed with NJOY [8]. A very good agreement is found between both calculation routes but important remarks should be highlighted:

  • The CE library is not recommended for those cases that include Be-9 or TSL Be metal since AMPX does not properly deal with that isotope. This is the main restriction on the use of this package.

  • Three Thermal Scattering Libraries are not included in the library due to lack of identification by SCALE: H bound in CaH2, Ca bound in CaH2, and Mg in Mg metal.


The CE library has been extensively applied to reactor physics analyses as presented in the selected bibliography. This includes different systems:

  • IRPhEP KRITZ-LWR-RESR-004: testing of AMPX broadening capabilities through the comparison against 37 criticality measurements at room and elevated temperatures [9].

  • Superphénix start-up tests: verification and validation of the library compared to other codes/libraries and experimental results for criticality, reaction rates, and reactivity coefficients [8].

  • SEFOR Core II: evaluation of Doppler coefficient [10].

  • IRPhEP ZPR-6 Assembly 7 and ZPPR Assembly 2 cases: criticality calculations and uncertainty quantification [13].

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The cross-section data library and the associated covariance matrices are expected to be directly used as input for a large variety of codes included within SCALE6.2 Code System, available for request at


KENO-V and KENO-VI Monte Carlo codes can load the continuous-energy cross-section data through the “JEFF33-AMPX-CE.xml” file. That includes all the sequences that incorporate KENO as a module (e.g., TSUNAMI-3D for sensitivity analyses or TRITON for depletion calculations).


The 33g and 7g COVERX covariance matrices are also readable by all the SCALE modules that deal with covariance libraries such as TSUNAMI, TSAR, TSUNAMI-IP, and TSURFER.

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Package ID Status date Status
NEA-1928/01 16-SEP-2022 Masterfiled Arrived
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Main references for SCALE Code System and AMPX processing code:


1/ W. A. Wieselquist, R. A. Lefebvre, M. A. Jessee, Editors: SCALE Code System, ORNL/TM-2005/39, Version 6.2.4 (April 2020).


2/ D. Wiarda, M. E. Dunn, N. M. Greene, M. L. Williams, C. Celik, L. M. Petrie: AMPX-6: A Modular Code System for Processing ENDF/B, ORNL/TM-2016/43 (April 2016).


3/ D. Wiarda, C. Celik, M. L. Williams, A. Holcomb, Introduction to AMPX, 2017 SCALE Users’ Group Workshop, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (September 2017).


4/ D. Wiarda, M. L. Williams, B. J. Marshall, Generating covariance libraries with AMPX, 2017 SCALE Users’ Group Workshop, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (September 2017).


The latest version of JEFF nuclear data library (JEFF-3.3) was released under the following reference:


5/ A. J. Plompen, O. Cabellos, C. De Saint Jean, M. Fleming, et al., The joint evaluated fission and fusion nuclear data library, JEFF-3.3, Eur. Phys. J. A., 56:181 (2020).

NEA-1928/01, included references:
The following references address the processing of JEFF nuclear data libraries
with AMPX along with different testing and benchmarking activities:

6/ C. J. Diez, F. Michel-Sendis, O. Cabellos, D. Wiarda, M. E. Dunn, On the
processing of JEFF-3.2 neutron data library with AMPX6.2 for its use with the
SCALE tool suite, EPJ Web of Conferences, 111, 06003 (2016).

7/ A. Jimenez-Carrascosa, O. Cabellos, C. J. Diez, N. Garcia-Herranz,
Processing of JEFF nuclear data libraries for the SCALE Code System and testing
with criticality experiments, Spanish Nuclear Society Annual Meeting, Granada,
Spain (October 2021).

8/ A. Jimenez-Carrascosa, O. Cabellos, C. J. Diez, N. Garcia-Herranz,
Processing of JEFF nuclear data libraries for the SCALE Code System,
JEFFDOC-2107 (November 2021).

9/ O. Cabellos, A. Jimenez-Carrascosa, N. Garcia-Herranz, G. de Alcazar,
Testing the JEFF-3.3 with IRPhEP/LWR KRITZ Benchmarks, JEFFDOC-2091 (November

10/ A. Jimenez-Carrascosa, O. Cabellos, N. Garcia-Herranz, F. Chafer, Impact of
Doppler calculation in SEFOR benchmark due to the differences between JEFF-3.3
and JEFF-3.1.1, JEFFDOC-2097 (November 2021).

11/ A. Jimenez-Carrascosa, O. Cabellos, N. Garcia-Herranz, C. J. Diez,
Processing and benchmarking of JEFF-4T1 library in the frame of the SCALE Code
System, JEFFDOC-2144 (April 2022).

12/ S. Panizo, V. Becares, N. Leclaire, A. Jimenez-Carrascosa, N.
Garcia-Herranz, P. Romojaro, F. Alvarez-Velarde, O. Cabellos, Comparison of
Sensitivity/Uncertainty analisis methodologies in the ESFR, Spanish Nuclear
Society Annual Meeting, Granada, Spain (October 2021).

13/ N. Garcia-Herranz, A. Jimenez-Carrascosa, O. Cabellos, UPM activities under
EC Project SANDA in line with SFR-UAM, 7th OECD/NEA SFR-UAM benchmark workshop,
Aix-en-Provence, France (June 2022).
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The present package requires around 35 GB of memory storage.

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No specified programming language
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Departamento de Ingeniería Energética

Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

C/José Gutiérrez Abascal, 2

28006 Madrid



Carlos J. DÍEZ

Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear

C/Pedro Justo Dorado Dellmans, 11

28040 Madrid


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01-JEFF33-AMPX-CE-inputs: files required to generate the CE library, organized
by the sequences step-by-step.
--- 00-ENDF6-files: ENDF-6 files for JEFF-3.3 evaluation.
------ neutron
------ neutron-tsl
--- 01-POINT1D-sequence: 562 inputs for all the nuclides provided by the
--- 02-PTABLE-sequence: 447 inputs for those nuclides that require probability
table generation within the URR.
--- 03-NEUTRON_CE_PARTIAL-sequence: 579 inputs that combine the information
generated by the previous two steps for each nuclide and TSL.
02-JEFF33-AMPX-CE-library: CE library.
--- ceampxlib_3.3: : Files for the CE library.
------ dbrc
--- JEFF33-AMPX-CE.xml: CE library is loaded by KENO with this .xml file, which
links each nuclide to the correspoding file.
03-JEFF33-AMPX-CE-benchmarking: 120 ICSBEP benchmarks (inputs and outputs) used
for testing purposes.
--- 01-ICSBEP-suite-inputs: KENO inputs for all the cases.
--- 02-ICSBEP-suite-outputs: KENO outputs using the AMPX-formatted JEFF-3.3
--- 03-Overview-JEFF33-results.txt: Overview of calculations for each benchmark
04-JEFF33-COVERX-covariance-inputs: files created for the generation of
covariance matrices.
--- 00-WEIGHTING-FUNCTION: Weighting function applied for collapsing
covariances (IWT=8).
------ weighting: : TAB1 format weighting function to be loaded by PUFF inputs.
--- 01-PUFF-sequence: 447 inputs that generate COVERX format covariance data.
--- 02-BINDCOV-COGNAC-sequences: The covariance matrix is created by means of
two sequences: bind-cov and cognac.
------ 01-bind_cov.inp
------ 02-cognac.inp
--- README: : Detailed information for generating covariance matrices.
05-JEFF33-COVERX-covariance-matrix: Covariance matrices to be directly used by
the SCALE modules that deal with them.
--- 01-33G-COVERX-matrix: COVERX 33-group covariance matrix, and
ASCII-formatted matrix which can be read by JANIS.
------ JEFF33_ASCII_33G.lib
------ JEFF33_COVERX_33G.lib: This file can be loaded by several SCALE modules
--- 02-7G-COVERX-matrix: COVERX 7-group covariance matrix, and ASCII-formatted
matrix which can be read by JANIS.
------ JEFF33_ASCII_7G.lib
------ JEFF33_COVERX_7G.lib
------ README: : Information about the 7-group structure.
06-References: : set of references accompanying this package: processing,
benchmarking and applications of the provided libraries.
--- 06-Diez_2016.pdf
--- 07-SNE_processing_2021.pdf
--- 08-JEFFDOC-2107.pdf
--- 09-JEFFDOC-2091.pdf
--- 10-JEFFDOC-2097.pdf
--- 11-JEFFDOC-2144.pdf
--- 12-SNE_S&U_2021.pdf
--- 13-SFR-UAM-UPM-2022.pdf
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  • Z. Data

Keywords: JEFF-3.3, Monte Carlo method, continuous energy, cross sections, decay, fission yields, multigroup.