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Catalog of Programs in Category A

A. Cross Section and Resonance Integral Calculations

psr-0248 ABAREX, Optical Statistical Model Neutron Cross-Sections Using ABACUS and NEARREX
uscd1238 ALICE2011, Particle Spectra from HMS precompound Nucleus Decay
psr-0315 AMPX-77, Modular System for Coupled Neutron-Gamma MultiGroup Cross-Sections from ENDF/B-5
nea-1278 CALENDF-2010, Pointwise, Multigroup Neutron Cross-Sections and Probability Tables from ENDF/B Evaluations
psr-0532 CEM03.03, Monte-Carlo Code system to calculate nuclear reactions in the framework of the improved cascade-exciton model
iaea1247 CEM95, Cascade Exciton Model Nuclear Reactions by Monte-Carlo Method
uscd1021 CHUCK-3, Nuclear Scattering Amplitude and Collision Cross-Sections by Coupled Channel
nea-1885 DART-V.1, displacement per atom, primary knocked-on atoms produced in an atomic solid target
nea-1209 DWBA07/DWBB07, elastic scattering with nucleon-nucleon potential and DWBA for inelastic scattering
nesc9872 DWUCK-4 DWUCK-5, Scattering Cross-Sections of Spin 0 and 1/2 and 1 Particles by DWBA
nea-0850 ECIS-12, Coupled Channel, Statistical Model, Schroedinger and Dirac Equation, Dispersion Relation
iaea1169 EMPIRE-II 2.18, Comprehensive Nuclear Model Code, Nucleons, Ions Induced Cross-Sections
uscd1235 ENDF-UTILITY-CODES, codes to check and standardize data in the Evaluated Nuclear Data File (ENDF)
nea-1895 ENDSAM, a code for random sampling and validation of covariance data of resonance parameters in ENDF-6 format
nea-0892 ESTIMA, Neutron Width Level Spacing, Neutron Strength Function of S- Wave, P-Wave Resonances
psr-0010 EVAP-4, Particle Evaporation from Excited Nuclei
iaea1211 EXIFON2.0, Neutron, Alpha, Proton, Gamma Emission Spectra
uscd1209 FIZCON-8.03, ENDF/B Cross-Sections Redundancy Check
nesc0263 GASKET-2, Thermal Neutron Scattering Law for Moderators, Harmonic Vibrations and Gaseous
nea-1864 GEF 2021/1.1, Code for Simulation of Nuclear Fission Process
nea-1652 GEM, Monte-Carlo Code for Simulating a Decaying Process of an Excited Nucleus
uscd1210 GETMAT-6.13, ENDF/B Material Retrieval
psr-0125 GNASH-FKK, Preequilibrium, Statistical Model Cross-Sections and Emission Spectra
nea-0302 HEITLER, Compton Cross-Sections, Photoelectric Cross-Sections, Pair-Production Cross-Sections, Total Cross-Sections
uscd1212 INTER-8.00, ENDF/B Thermal Cross-Sections, Resonance Integrals, G-Factors Calculation
iaea1328 ISABEL EVA PACE-2, Evaporation Model with Intranuclear Cascade Input
ccc-0696 LAHET 2.8, Code System for High Energy Particle Transport Calculations
psr-0350 MC*2-2, Calculation of Fast Neutron Spectra and Multigroup Cross-Sections from ENDF/B Data
ccc-0156 MECC-7, Medium-Energy Intranuclear Cascade Code System
nea-0974 NMTC/JAERI97, High-Energy P, N, Pion Reaction Monte-Carlo Simulation
iaea1389 NRSC, Neutron Resonance Spectrum Calculation System
iaea0944 POLLA/IEACTA, ENDF/B Reich-Moore to Adler-Adler Resonance Parameter Conversion
uscd1216 PSYCHE-8.00, ENDF/B Data Consistency Check in ENDF Format
psr-0158 SAMMY 8.1.0, Multilevel R-Matrix Fits to Neutron and Charged-Particle Cross-Section Data Using Bayes' Equations
nea-0829 SCAT-2 & SCAT-2B, Cross Sections and Angular Distributions for Spherical Nuclei by Optical Model
iaea1416 SIGACE, Code for Doppler broadening of ACE-formatted files
uscd1218 STANEF-8.02, ENDF/B Book-keeping Operations for ENDF Format Files
iaea0971 STAPRE-H95, Evaporation and Pre-Equilibrium Model Reaction Cross-Sections Calculations