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Catalog of Programs in Category I

I. Deformation and Stress Distributions, Structural Analysis and Engineering Design Studies

nea-0558 BUST, Elastic Stress in HTGR Pressurized Fuel Elements
psr-0388 CARES, Seismic Structure Safety Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants
nea-1195 CASKET, Thermal and Structural Analyses for Transport and Storage Cask
nesc9493 DATING, Temperature for Spent Fuel Dry Storage
nea-0217 DYNAPS, Vibration Analysis of Piping System in Earthquake
nea-1094 EURDYN, Nonlinear Transient Analysis of Structure with Dynamic Loads
ests0063 FAMREC, PWR Lateral Mechanical Fuel Rod Assembly Response
nea-1080 FEMAXI-6, Thermal and Mechanical Behaviour of LWR Fuel Rods
nea-1901 FINIX 1.19.12, thermal and mechanical behaviour of a nuclear fuel rod during steady-state and transient conditions
psr-0363 FRANCO, Finite Element Method (FEM) Fuel Rod Analysis for Solid and Annular Configurations
nea-1812 FUELPERFORMANCE-REP, Seminars on nuclear fuel performance based on basic underlining phenomena, proceedings
nesc0618 GAPCON-THERMAL-2 & GT2R2-1, Steady-State Fuel Rod Thermal Behaviour and Fission Products Gas Release
nesc0770 GAPCON-THERMAL3, Fuel Rod Steady-State and Transient Thermal Behaviour, Stress Analysis
nea-0547 HASSAN, Time-Dependent Temperature Distribution and Stress and Strain in HTR Fuel Pins
nesc0775 HEMP, 2-D Elastic Plastic Flow in 2-D X-Y or Cylindrical Geometry by Lagrangian Method
ests0406 HYFRACP3D, 3-D Hydraulic Fracture Propagation by Finite Element Method
ests1049 NRCPIPES, Fracture Mechanics of Cracked Pipes
nesc0790 NUBOW-2D/INEL, 2-D Core Restraint System Stress Analysis, with Bowing, Creep, Swelling
psr-0538 P-CARES 2.0.0, Probabilistic Computer Analysis for Rapid Evaluation of Structures
nea-1680 PASCAL, Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Structural Components in Aging LWR
ests0071 PC-PRAISE, BWR Piping Reliability Analysis
nesc0332 SAFE-3D, Stress Analysis of 3-D Composite Structure by Finite Elements Method
nesc0641 SAP-4, Static and Dynamic Linear System Stress Analysis for Various Structures
nesc1119 SCANS, Shipping Cask Design Safety Analysis
nesc0452 SHELL-5, Elastic Stress Analysis of 3-D Thin Shells Using Finite Elements Method
nesc9766 T-HEMP3D, 3-D Time-Dependent Elastic Plastic Flow
nesc1115 VISA-2, Reactor Vessel Failure Probability Under Thermal Shock