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Catalog of Programs in Category J

J. Gamma Heating and Shield Design

nea-1839 ACAB-2008, ACtivation ABacus Code
iaea1432 AL-SHIELDER, calculates shielding thickness of aluminum for any photon emitting radionuclide between 0.5 to 10 MeV
psr-0315 AMPX-77, Modular System for Coupled Neutron-Gamma MultiGroup Cross-Sections from ENDF/B-5
ccc-0082 ANISN-E, 1-D Transport Program ANISN with Exponential Model
nea-0363 ANISN-FONTENAY, 1-D Planar, Spherical, Cylindrical Neutron Transport and Gamma Transport with Deep Penetration
ccc-0254 ANISN-ORNL, 1-D Neutron Transport & Gamma Transport in Slab, Cylindrical, Spherical Geometry with Anisotropic Scattering
ccc-0255 ANISN-W, 1-D Transport Calculation for Deep Penetration Problems
ccc-0514 ANISN/PC, MultiGroup 1-D Discrete Ordinates Transport with Anisotropic Scattering
nea-0949 BERMUDA, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Neutron and Gamma Transport for Shielding
nea-1727 BULK-I, Radiation Shielding Tool for Proton Accelerator Facilities
iaea1403 C-SHIELDER, Gamma shielding calculations of radionuclides emitting photons 0.5 to 10 MeV by different concretes
psr-0262 CASKCODES, Program CAPSIZE Scope KWIKDOSE for Shipping Cask Shielding
ccc-0544 CEPXS ONELD, 1-D Coupled Electron Photon MultiGroup System
ccc-0837 CEPXS, Coupled Electron-Photon Cross Section
ccc-0726 CNCSN 2009, One, Two- and Three-Dimensional Coupled Neutral and Charged Particle Sn Parallel Multi-Threaded Code System
ccc-0829 COG11.1, Multiparticle Monte Carlo Code System for Shielding and Criticality Use
ccc-0547 DANTSYS3.0, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D MultiGroup Discrete Ordinate Method Transport
nea-1603 DCHAIN-SP 2001, Code System for Analyzing Decay and Build-up Characteristics of Spallation Products
nea-0391 DLS, 2-D Diffusion with Line-of-Sight Method for Cavities
ccc-0650 DOORS3.2A, 1-,2-,3-dimensional discrete-ordinates system for deep-penetration neutron and photon transport
ccc-0532 DORT-PC, 2-D Discrete Ordinates Transport System
nea-1711 DORTDAT2, Input-Making Support System for a Two-Dimensional SN Code, DORT
ccc-0276 DOT-3.5, 2-D Neutron Transport, Gamma Transport Program DOT with New Space-Scaling
ccc-0320 DOT-4.2, 2-D Neutron Transport, Gamma Transport with Space Dependent Mesh and Quadrature
nea-1671 DUCT-III, Design Code for Duct-Streaming Radiations
ccc-0744 EASYQAD 2.0.1, Visualization for Gamma and Neutron Shielding Calculations
nea-0969 EDMULT-6.4, Electron Depth Dose Distribution in Multilayer Slab Absorbers
ccc-0331 EGS4, Electron Photon Shower Simulation by Monte-Carlo
nea-1683 ERANOS 2.3N, Modular code and data system for fast reactor neutronics analyses
ccc-0107 ETRAN, Electron Transport and Gamma Transport with Secondary Radiation in Slab by Monte-Carlo
nesc9578 FACET, Radiation View Factor with Shadowing
iaea1438 FE-SHIELDER, shielding thickness of Iron for any photon emitting radionuclide between 0.5 and 10 MeV
nea-1833 FLUKA2011.2X.4, Monte Carlo general purpose tool for calculations of particle transport and interactions with matter
iaea1388 FOTELP-2018, Photons, Electrons and Positrons Transport in 3D by Monte Carlo Techniques
nea-1846 FSKY4C, Gamma Ray Skyshine Analysis Code
ccc-0721 GRTUNCL3D, Code to Calculate Semi Analytic First Collision Source and Uncollided Flux (X, Y, Z)
ccc-0697 GUI2QAD, Graphical Interface for QAD-CGPIC, Point Kernel for Shielding Calculations
ccc-0636 ISO-PC, X-Ray, Gamma-Bremsstrahlung Dose-Rates
ccc-0079 ISOSHLD, Decay Gamma Dose, Bremsstrahlung Dose Behind Shield, Fission Products Source Strength
ccc-0467 ITS-3.0, Integrated TIGER Series of Coupled Electron-Photon Monte Carlo Codes.
ccc-0696 LAHET 2.8, Code System for High Energy Particle Transport Calculations
nea-0124 LGH, Gamma Streaming and Neutron Streaming for Duct
nea-1047 MANYCASK, Radiation Dose Rate Around Many Casks
nea-1307 MARMER, Point-Kernel Shielding Calculation with Nuclide Concentrations from ORIGEN-S
nea-1643 MCB1C, Monte-Carlo Continuous Energy Burnup Code
nea-1733 MCNP4B-GN, Monte Carlo Code System for (gamma,n) production and transport in high-Z materials
ests1678 MCSLTT, Monte Carlo Simulation of Light Transport in Tissue
nea-1166 MCVIEW, 3-D Radiation View Factor by Monte-Carlo Method
nea-0351 MERCURE, 3-D Gamma Heating and Gamma Dose Rate and Fast Flux by Monte-Carlo
nea-0194 MERCURE-3, Gamma Attenuation by Line-of-Flight in 3-D Heterogeneous Geometry
nea-1673 MVP/GMVP V.3, MC Codes for Neutron & Photon Transport Calc. based on Continuous Energy and Multigroup Methods
psr-0275 ORMONTE, Uncertainty Analysis for User-Developed System Models
ccc-0760 PARTISN 5.97, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Time-Dependent, Multigroup Deterministic Parallel Neutral Particle Transport Code
ccc-0842 PARTISN 8.29, Time-Dependent, Parallel Neutral Particle Transport Code System
iaea0855 PELSHIE-PC, Dose Rates from Gamma Source by Point-Kernel Integration
nea-1525 PENELOPE2018, A Code System for Monte-Carlo Simulation of Electron and Photon Transport
nea-1339 PEPIN, Methodology for Computing Concentrations, Activities, Gamma-Ray Spectra, and Residual Heat from Fission Products.
nea-1931 PHITS-3.X, Particle and Heavy Ion Transport code System
nea-0416 PIPE, 1-D Gamma Transport for Slab, Spherical Shields with Compton Scattering Calculation
ccc-0618 PTRAN, Proton Transport for 50 to 250 MeV by Monte-Carlo
nea-1679 PVIS-4, Pressure vessel irradiation, source preparation
ccc-0645 QAD-CGGP-A, Fast Neutron, Gamma Penetration in Shields with Combinatorial Geometry
ccc-0396 QADMOD-G, Point-Kernel Gamma-Ray Shielding Program
ccc-0617 QBF, Radiation Dose Distribution Around Spent Fuel Shipping Casks
nea-0467 RADHEAT, Transport, Heat Generator, Radiation Damage Cross-Sections in Reactor and Shield
psr-0482 REMIT5.1, Radiation exposure monitoring and information transmittal system
nea-0402 SABINE-3, Neutron Penetration and Gamma Penetration in Reactor Shield for Planar, Spherical, Cylindrical Geometry
nea-1884 SACALC-ELLIPSOID, Calculates the average solid angle subtended by a ellipsoid solid or surface
nea-1688 SACALC3, Calculates the average solid angle subtended by a volume
ccc-0361 SANDYL, 3-D Time-Dependent and Space-Dependent Gamma Electron Cascade Transport by Monte-Carlo
psr-0210 SCOPE, Shipping Cask Optimization and Parametric Evaluation
ccc-0729 SERA-1C1, Simulation environment for radiotherapy applications
iaea1287 SHIELD, Monte-Carlo Code for Simulating Interaction of High Energy Hadrons with Complex Macroscopic Targets
iaea1391 SHIELDER, Gamma shielding calculations of radionuclides emitting photons 0-5 to 10 MeV
ccc-0289 SKYSHINE2&3-SKYIII-PC, Dose Rate Outside Concrete Steel Building from 6 MeV Gamma by Monte-Carlo
nea-1046 SMART, Radiation Dose Rates on Cask Surface
ccc-0228 SPAR, High-Energy Muon, Pion, Heavy Ion Stopping-Powers and Ranges
nea-0468 SPARK, Time-Dependent 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Diffusion with Heat Transfer and Feedback
psr-0263 SPECTER-ANL, Neutron Damage for Material Irradiation
nea-0919 SRIM-2008, Stopping Power and Range of Ions in Matter
iaea1382 SRNA-2020, Proton Transport Using 3-D by Monte Carlo Techniques
psr-0330 STARCODES, Stopping Power and Ranges for Electrons, Protons, He
iaea0970 STOPOW88, Stopping Power of Fast Ions in Matter
iaea1437 SUPERMC 3.3.0, Super Monte Carlo simulation program for nuclear and radiation process
ccc-0638 TART2022, 3D Coupled Neutron-Photon Combinatorial Geometry, Time Dependent, Monte Carlo Transport Code
ccc-0759 TITAN 1.29, A Three-Dimensional Deterministic Radiation Transport Code System
ccc-0543 TORT-DORT, 1-D 2-D 3-D Discrete Ordinate Neutron and Photon Transport with Deep Penetration
nea-1716 TRIPOLI-4 VERS. 8.1, 3D general purpose continuous energy Monte Carlo Transport code
nea-1878 TRIPOLI-4 version 9S, Coupled Neutron, Photon, Electron, Positron 3-D, Time Dependent Monte-Carlo Transport Calculation
nea-1086 TRISTAN, 3-D fixed source radiation transport
iaea1434 U-SHIELDER, Estimates Shielding Thickness of Depleted Uranium for Photons from 0.5 to 10 MeV
nea-1856 VESTA 2.1&AURORA1.0, Monte Carlo depletion interface code and AURORA 1.0.0, Depletion analysis tool
ccc-0754 VIM 5.1, Steady-State 3-D Neutron Transport Using ENDF/B or Multigroup Cross Sections
iaea1417 W-SHIELDER, calculates shielding thickness of water for photon emitting radionuclide between 0.5 to 10 MeV
nea-1251 ZYLIND, Gamma Penetration for Cylindrical Source and Shield Geometry
nea-1740 ZZ MATJEF22.BOLIB, JEF-2.2 Multigr Coupled (199n + 42gamma) X-Section Lib. in MATXS Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1847 ZZ MATJEFF31.BOLIB, JEFF-3.1 Multigr Coupled(199n + 42gamma) X-Section MATXS Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
iaea1217 ZZ N-SPECT/DET-RESP, Neutron Spectra and Detector Responses for Radiation Protection
dlc-0136 ZZ PHOTX, Photon Interaction Cross-Section Library for 100 Elements
dlc-0256 ZZ VIP-MAN, Computational Phantom
dlc-0184 ZZ VITAMIN-B6, Fine-Group Cross-Section Library from ENDF/B-VI.3 for Radiation Transport
dlc-0245 ZZ VITAMINB7/BUGLEB7, Broad-Grp, Fine-Grp, Coupled N/Gamma Cross-Sec Lib derived from ENDF/B-VII.0 Nuclear Data
nea-1870 ZZ VITENDF70.BOLIB, ENDF/B-VII.0 Multi-Grp Coupled (199n +42gamma) AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1699 ZZ VITJEF22.BOLIB, JEF-2.2 Multigr Coupled (199n + 42gamma) X-Section Lib. in AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1801 ZZ VITJEFF31.BOLIB,JEFF-3.1 Multigr Coupled (199n + 42gamma) X-Section Lib. in AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1869 ZZ VITJEFF311.BOLIB, JEFF-3.1.1 Multi-Group Coupled (199n + 42gamma) X-Sec Lib in AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applic.
nea-1891 ZZ VITJEFF32.BOLIB, JEFF-3.2 Multi-Grp Coupled (199n+ 42gamma) X-Sec. Lib. In AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications