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Catalog of Programs in Category S

S. Legacy books-Proceedings

nea-1913 AEROSOL-SCIENCE, Aerosol Science: Theory and Practice with Special Applications to the Nuclear Industry
nea-1657 ANL-BPB, Argonne National Laboratory Code Center Benchmark Problem Book
nea-1681 CRITICALITYACCIDENTS, A Review of Criticality Accidents, 2000 Revision, LA-13638 in PDF format
nea-1875 EACRP-D2O-LATTICES, Compilation of reactor physics measurements in HWRs lattices
nea-1827 GANAPOL-ABNTT, Analytical Benchmarks for Nuclear Engineering Applications, Case Studies in Neutron Transport Theory
nea-1823 ICRS1, Proceedings of the First Radiation Shielding Symposium, Cambridge, UK 1958
nea-1811 JDL-IMPORTANCE, Adjoint Function: Physical Basis of Variational & Perturbation Theory in Transport & Diffusion Problems
nea-1843 JDL-REACTOR-KINETICS, Nuclear Reactor Kinetics and Control
nea-1844 JDL-THERMODYNAMICS, Thermodynamics: Frontiers and Foundations
nea-1706 MMRW, Canadian and early British Energy Reports on Nuclear Reactor Theory (1940-1946)
nea-1792 MMRW-BOOKS, Legacy books on slowing down, thermalization, particle transport theory, random processes in reactors
nea-1747 MONTE-CARLO-WS-2005, Proceedings of Monte Carlo Criticality Calculations & TRIPOLI-IV Workshops 2005
nea-1926 N-THERMALISATION, Notes on the scattering of thermal neutrons
nea-1874 NEACRP-H2O-LATTICES, Compilation of reactor physics measurements in LWRs lattices
nea-1789 PMK2-VVER440-REPORTS, Final reports on the PMK-2 projects for VVER Safety Studies
nea-1828 Proceedings of PHYSOR'90 conference: Physics of Reactors, Operation, Design and Computation, Marseille, 23-27 April 1990
nea-1912 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Nuclear Criticality Safety (ICNC2003), 20-24 Oct. 2003, Tokai-Mura
nea-1873 REACTORPHYSICS-62-91, Archive of Reactor Physics Reports and Summaries of [N]EACRP (1962-1991)
nea-1814 REACTORSHIELDING-NMS, Reactor Shielding for Nuclear Engineers by N. M. Schaeffer
nea-1835 ROCKWELL-RSDM, Reactor Shielding Design Manual by Rockwell T. III
nea-1925 TCOFF, Thermodynamic Char. of Fuel Debris and Fission Products based on Scenario Analysis of Severe Accident Progression
nea-1682 U3-U5-PU9-CRITICALS, Critical Dimensions of Systems containing U235, Pu239, and U233
nea-1398 ZZ 3DLWRCT, 3-D LWR Rod Ejection and Rod Withdrawal Benchmarks
nea-1606 ZZ ECN-BUBEBO, ECN-Petten Burnup Benchmark Book, Inventories, Afterheat
nea-1607 ZZ PWR-AXBUPRO-GKN, Measured Axial Burnup Profiles, NPP Neckarewstheim
uscd1219 ZZ PWR-AXBUPRO-SNL, Computed Axial Burnup Profile Database for PWR
nea-1610 ZZ WPNCS BENCHM REP, Published Articles and Reports on Criticality Safety