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Catalog of Programs in Category U

U. Chemistry

nea-1561 CHEMENGL/CHIMISTE, Chemical and Physical Properties of Elements
nesc9819 HCT, Time Dependent 1-D Gas Hydrodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Transport
nea-1865 KICHE 1.3, Kinetics of Iodine Chemistry in the Containment of LWRs under Severe Accident Conditions
ests0154 KIVA3VRELEASE2, Transient Multicomponent 2-D and 3-D Reactive Flows with Fuel Sprays
nesc9944 SOLGASMIX-PV, Chemical System Equilibrium of Gaseous and Condensed Phase Mixtures
nesc0662 SOLVEX, Dynamic and Steady-State Mixer-Settler and Centrifugal Contactor Behaviour