NEA Mandates and Structures

Working Party on Scientific Issues of the Fuel Cycle (WPFC)

Chair(s): Nathalie CHAUVIN, France
Secretary:  Stéphanie CORNET
Member(s):All NEA member countries
Full participant(s): European Commission
Under the NEA Statute
Observer(s)(International Organisation): International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
By agreement
Date of creation:01 June 2004
End of mandate:30 June 2020

Mandate (Document reference):

Mandate (Document extract):

Extract from document [NEA/SEN/NSC/WPFC(2018)1]


Under the guidance of the Nuclear Science Committee, the Working Party will deal with scientific issues in various existing and advanced nuclear fuel cycles, including fuel cycle scenarios, physics, separation chemistry and flowsheets, waste forms, fuels and materials, and coolants.


To provide member countries with up-to-date information on and develop consensus regarding:

Fuel cycle scenarios:

Recycling technologies:



Liquid metal and coolant technologies:

Technology and components of accelerator-driven systems (workshop):


Liaise closely with other relevant NSC working parties and NEA standing technical committees, especially the Nuclear Development Committee (NDC) and the Radioactive Waste Management Committee (RWMC), to ensure the respective work programmes are complementary and to provide advice and support where required, undertaking joint work where appropriate. Particularly close working relationships will be maintained with the Working Party on Scientific Issues of Reactor Systems (WPRS) and the Working Party on Multi-scale Modelling of Fuels and Structural Materials for Nuclear Systems (WPMM), as well as with the Generation IV International Forum (GIF).

The Working Party will also work in co-operation with other international organisations (EU, IAEA).