Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 68

Complete issue


How current are Euratom provisions on nuclear supply and ownership in view of the European Union's enlargement? by André Bouquet


The new German Radiation Protection Ordinance 2001

Case law


Decision rejecting a request to carry out a new environmental assessment of the project to construct a spent nuclear fuel dry storage facility (2001)


Judgement refusing an application to annul a Decree authorising an extension to the Melox nuclear installation (2001)

Decisions on the authorisation to unload and store Australian spent nuclear fuel in France (2001)

Judgement of the Council of State refusing to classify depleted uranium as waste (2001)


Court Case on closure of the Borssele NPP (2001)

United States

Rulings of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit regarding the Calvert Cliffs' operating license renewal proceeding (2000)

Rulings related to the compensation claims ensuing from the Three Mile Island accident (2000-2001)

Administrative decisions

United States

Decision of the US Department of Commerce regarding imposition of countervailing and antidumping duties on imports of low enriched uranium from the European Union (2001)

National legislative and regulatory activities


Reorganisation of the National Atomic Energy Commission (2001)


Order aiming to increase security at major nuclear installations (2001)


Establishment of the French Agency for Environmental Health Safety and the Institute for the Protection of Nuclear Safety (2001)

Amendment of the Decree on the Holding Company of the Atomic Energy Commission (2001)

Decree on the Special Commission for Major Nuclear Installations Classified as Secret (2001)

Ordinance on the implementation of EU Directives in the Field of Protection against Ionising Radiation (2001)

Decree on Information of the Public (2001)

Decree governing the Safety and Radiation Protection of Nuclear Installations and Activities used for Defence Purposes (2001)

Order on Postal Deliveries of Radioactive Materials (2001)

Order on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road ("ADR Order") (2001)

Order on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Rail ("RID Order") (2001)


Agreement on the phase-out of nuclear energy (2001)

Ordinance implementing Euratom Directives on Radiation Protection (2001)


Radiation Protection Regulations (2001)


Amendment of the Decree implementing the Euratom basic radiation protection standards (2001)

Implementation of the European Directive on the Quality of Water Intended for Human Consumption (2001)


Revision of the Nuclear Disaster Prevention Guidelines (2000)


Amendments to the Act on Compensation for Nuclear Damage (2001)


Regulations for the Classification of Legal Acts Regulating Nuclear Safety (2001)

Hygiene Standard "Radiation Safety in Nuclear Power Plants" (2001)

Guidelines governing the Procedure on Radiological Monitoring and Limitation of Releases of Radionuclides into the Environment from Nuclear Facilities (2001)

Law on the Decommissioning Fund for the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (2001)

Order approving the Requirements on Management of Radioactive Waste in Nuclear Power Plants before Disposal (2001)


Grand-ducal Regulations relating to the Health Protection of Individuals against the Dangers of Ionising Radiation in relation to Medical Exposures (2001)


Decree on the Construction License for the Maâmora Nuclear Research Centre (1999)


Act on Radiation Protection and Use of Radiation (2000)


Atomic Energy Act (2000)


Amendment to the Law on the Safe Conduct of Nuclear Activities (2001)

Regulation on the Operational Protection of Outside Workers Exposed to the Risk of Ionising Radiation during their Activities in Controlled Areas (2001)

Russian Federation

Reorganisation of Rosenergoatom (2001)

Laws allowing the import of spent nuclear fuel for storage and reprocessing (2001)


Transfer of responsibilities in the energy sector (2001)


Royal Decree approving the Regulations on Health Protection against Ionising Radiation (2001)


Decree establishing Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (2001)

United States

Public Health and Environmental Radiation Protection Standards for Yucca Mountain (2001)

Standards for storage (Subpart A Parts 197.1-197.5)

Standards for disposal (Subpart B Parts 197.12-197.36)

International regulatory activities

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

INEX 2000 - Workshop on the Indemnification of Damage in the Event of a Nuclear Accident (2001)

International Atomic Energy Agency

Resolutions adopted by the IAEA General Conference (2001)

Bilateral agreements

Argentina - Australia

Agreement concerning Co-operation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy (2001)

Argentina - Brazil

Joint Declaration regarding the Creation of the Argentinian-Brazilian Agency for Nuclear Energy Applications (2001)

Australia - Czech Republic / Australia - Hungary

Agreements on Co-operation in Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy and the Transfer of Nuclear Material (2001)

Australia - Indonesia

Arrangement Concerning Co-operation on Nuclear Safeguards and Related Matters (2001)

Austria - Switzerland

Agreement on the Early Exchange of Information in the Field of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (1999)

Brazil - United States

Extension of the Agreement concerning Research and Development in Nuclear Material Control, Accountancy, Verification, Physical Protection, and Advanced Containment and Surveillance Technologies for International Safeguards Applications (2001)

Czech Republic - Korea

Agreement for Co-operation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy (2001)

European Union - Russian Federation

Agreements on Nuclear Safety and Controlled Nuclear Fusion (2001)

France - United States

Agreement for Co-operation in Advanced Nuclear Reactor Science and Technology (2001)

Japan - United Kingdom

Co-operation Agreement on Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Fast Breeder Reactor and Other Related Technologies (2001)

Korea - United States

Annex IV Joint Project on Cintichem Technology (2000)

Morocco - United States

Protocol amending the Co-operation Agreement on the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy (2001)

Multilateral agreements

Agreement for Information Exchange on Radiological Surveillance in Northern Europe (2001)

Status of Conventions in the Field of Nuclear Energy

Bibliography and news briefs

Spain, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

List of correspondents



Act on Radiation Protection and Use of Radiation (2000)


Atomic Energy Act (2000)


Act on Compensation for Nuclear Damage (2001)

Last reviewed: 4 December 2002