CSNI Code Validation Matrix


This project is dedicated to the memory of Gianni Frescura, who managed it as Head of the NEA Safety Division from 1993 to 2003

CSNI Code Validation Matrix of Thermo-Hydraulic Codes for LWR LOCA and Transients

Data Collection at NEA Data Bank

Warning: Please note that some experimental data is missing.

Updates to latest version: Data for ROSA-III and ROSA-IV have been added.

Over the years the NEA Data Bank could collect a sizable subset of separate effects test reactor transient and LOCA integral test data (I.T.D.), as defined in the Code Validation Matrix of Document OCDE/GD(97)12. These data with accompanying documentation are available on DVDs. The writing format of the DVD conforms to the standard ISO 9660. Each DVD contains a copy of the INDEX file. It summarizes the complete contents of all DVDs. The reports describing the experiments have been electronically scanned and transformed into PDF files. Each report is stored in a separate subdirectory.

Restrictions apply to the distribution of the data.

To request a copy, please go to www.oecd-nea.org/tools/ie/.

All safety packages are labelled "CSNI".

Last reviewed: 25 October 2010