Data Bank E-Newsletter December 2008

OECD/NEA Data Bank e-newsletter


No. 4, December 2008

The Data Bank would like to thank you for your co-operation throughout the year and wishes you the very best this holiday season.


  1. Nuclear data and tools
  2. Processed data libraries
  3. Computer programs
  4. Integral experiments data
  5. Training courses and workshops
  6. Conferences
  7. Other items

1. Nuclear data and tools


Participants in the Joint European Fission and Fusion (JEFF) project met on 18-20 November at NEA offices in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. Meeting participants decided on revised fission and fusion data evaluations to be incorporated into an updated release of the JEFF nuclear data library, to be released as JEFF-3.1.1 shortly. More information is available at

A workshop on processing tools for evaluated nuclear data libraries was held in conjunction with the JEFF meeting on 18 November at NEA premises chaired by Skip Kahler from Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA. More information is available at

In order to support the distribution and best use of the various evaluated nuclear data libraries, the NEA promotes the exchange of information on processed libraries, pre-processing and processing codes. The NEA also provides a framework for the processing of evaluated nuclear data through its nuclear data services. More information is available at


2. Processed data libraries


Recently acquired or tested application data libraries:

  • NEA-1822/01 ZZ FLUKA05-PRE-LIB, FLUKA05 Multi-group, multi-purpose nuclear data library, neutrons, photons, charged particles
  • NEA-1837/01 ZZ-TENDL-2008-ACE, TENDL-2008 based library for neutrons, protons, deuterons, tritons, helions, alpha and gammas

3. Computer Programs

The most recently acquired or tested computer codes and application data libraries are:

  • NEA-1798/02 ANGELO-LAMBDA, Covariance matrix interpolation and mathematical verification (Updated version)
  • IAEA1426/01 PLOT-S, Plotting Program with special Features for Windows Environment (New)
  • PSR-0542/01 MGA8, Determine Pu Isotope Abundances from Multichannel Analyzer Gamma Spectra (New)
  • USCD1237/01 DRAGON2PARTISN Cross-Sections Data Generation for PARTISN4.0 (New)
  • CCC-0726/01 CNCSN, Two- and Three-Dimensional Coupled Neutral and Charged Particle Sn Code System  (New)
  • NEA-1678/09 BOT3P5.3, 3D Mesh Generator and Graphical Display of Geometry for Radiation Transport Codes, Display of Results (Updated version)
  • NEA-1835/01 Reactor Shielding Design Manual by Rockwell T. III  (New)
  • USCD1149/64 ENSDF/ADDGAM, Adds Gammas to Adopted Data Sets (Updated version)
  • USCD1149/65 ENSDF/ALPHAD, Calculation Alpha Hindrance Factors (Updated version)
  • USCD1149/66 ENSDF/AVETOOLS, Three statistical methods to calculate averages of experimental data with uncertainties (New)
  • USCD1149/67 ENSDF/FMTCHK, Format Checking Program (Updated version)
  • USCD1149/68 ENSDF/GABS, Absolute Gamma-Ray Intensities from ENSDF Data (Updated version)
  • USCD1149/69 ENSDF/GTOL, Least Squres Fit of Gamma Spectra and Level Assignment (Updated version)
  • USCD1149/70 ENSDF/LOGFT, Beta-Decay log-ft and Partial Capture Calculation (Updated version)
  • USCD1149/71 ENSDF/PANDORA, Physics Checks on ENSDF Data (Updated version)
  • USCD1149/72 ENSDF/RULER, Reduced Transition Problems Abilities Calculation (Updated version)
  • USCD1149/73 ENSDF/HSICC, Interpolation Between Hager-Seltzer and Dragoun-Plajner-Schmutzler (Updated version)
  • USCD1149/74 ENSDF/TREND, Tabulation of ENSDF Data (Updated version)
  • NEA-1525/14 PENELOPE2008, A Code System for Monte-Carlo Simulation of Electron and Photon Transport (Updated version)
  • CCC-0740/01 MCNP5/MCNPX, Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code System Including MCNP5 1.50, MCNPX 2.6.0, VISED and Data Libraries (New)

Note for users of DVDs sent out by the NEA Data Bank: The CD-ROM and DVD robot used at the NEA Data Bank to produce copies of the information it distributes was upgraded recently. The result of this upgrade and modification is that there might arise compatibility problems with operating systems and/or DVD-readers older than 11 years, i.e. released before 1997. Users experiencing problems with old DVD readers should either request information on CD-ROM or upgrade their readers.

For more details see the daily updated list at


4. Integral experiments data


Radiation shielding


Reactor physics

  • The March 2008 edition of the International Reactor Physics Benchmark Experiments (IRPHE) Project handbook is available at
    The IRPhE review meeting preparing the 2009 edition of the IRPhE Handbook was held in October 2008. The next edition will be issued in March 2009.
  • NEA-1739/02 IRPhE/AVR, High Temperature Reactor Experience, Archival Documentation


The 2008 edition of the International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation Project (ICSBEP) was released in September. You may request a DVD by accessing the INL webpages.


5. Training courses and workshops


  • 2-6 March 2009
    SCALE6 Lattice Physics and Depletion Course, OECD/NEA Data Bank - co-sponsored by ORNL/RSICC, Issy les Moulineaux, France. Registration form.
  • 16-20 March 2009
    Training course on "Analytical Benchmarks: Case Studies in Neutron Transport Theory using the Handbook (including computer codes) published on "Analytical Benchmarks for Nuclear Engineering Applications (Case Studies in Neutron Transport Theory)". This course is intended for transport methods developers and those who teach reactor physics and transport theory. In addition, the course would be appropriate for anyone with an analytical interest in solving equations and the application of numerical methods to obtain extreme accuracy. Teacher: Prof. Barry D. Ganapol. Registration form.
  • 23-27 March 2009
    MCNP/MCNPX Training course, OECD NEA Data Bank - co-sponsored by ORNL/RSICC, Issy les Moulineaux, France. Registration form. Syllabus.
  • 30 March - 3 April  2009
    Training Course on FLUKA - A Multipurpose Particle Interaction and Transport Monte Carlo Code, National Center of Scientific Research "Demokritos", Athens, Greece. Registration form. Syllabus.

6. Conferences


Meetings and conferences sponsored by the Nuclear Science Committee & Data Bank



See also: Other NEA nuclear science meetings


7. Other items

Information on joint research projects related to nuclear safety

A steam explosion experiments (STEX) database was updated (International Steam Explosion Experimental Data Base).