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NEA Monthly News Bulletin – April 2018

New at the NEA

NEA Director-General at the joint conference of the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) and Women in Nuclear Global, March 2018NEA co‑sponsors the joint conference of the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) and Women in Nuclear Global

The NEA co‑sponsored the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) 2018 conference, organised jointly with the 26th WiN Global Annual Conference in Bariloche, Argentina, on 11-17 March 2018. The conference brought together professionals in the nuclear field to discuss and to collaborate on knowledge transfer, nuclear science and technology research and implementation, professional development and communication. NEA Director‑General Mr William D. Magwood, IV, who was recognised as a key supporter who helped launch the IYNC almost 20 years ago, was a featured speaker in the keynote session on "Challenge the present, empower the future". During his speech, he highlighted the need for nuclear technology to evolve to meet future challenges and the importance of attracting young people to study nuclear science and engineering. He also noted that the NEA encourages its membership to explore ways of attracting, recruiting and retaining women in science and technology. Ms Yeonhee Hah, Head of the NEA Division of Radiological Protection and Human Aspects of Nuclear Safety, gave a keynote speech at the launch of the IYNC Mentor Program. She was also a featured speaker in the workshop session on "Strategic Communication in a Nuclear Crisis". While in Argentina, the NEA delegation visited the Embalse Nuclear Power Station, which is currently undergoing a life extension programme.

NEA official visit to Brazil, March 2018NEA official visit to Brazil

The NEA visited The National Nuclear Energy Commission of Brazil (CNEN) on 20 March 2018 to participate in an information exchange seminar organised by the CNEN's Directorate of Radiological Protection and Security (DRS) and attended by representatives from important actors in Brazil's nuclear power programme. NEA Deputy Director‑General and Chief Nuclear Officer Dr Daniel Iracane presented the Agency's activities, its role among international organisations and its work on nuclear technology, safety and radioactive waste management. Discussions addressed a wide range of associated issues, including stakeholder involvement. During the seminar NEA representatives were also introduced to the main lines of nuclear energy policy, research and education in Brazil. While in Brazil, the NEA delegation also visited the Angra Nuclear Power Plant and other institutions in order to gain insights into nuclear technology in Brazil. The seminar and the visit were both very informative and constructive, and took place in a spirit of openness, and mutual recognition of the benefits of international co‑operation. The NEA wishes to thank the CNEN and the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the well‑prepared seminar and fruitful exchanges during the visit.

Head of the NEA Division of Nuclear Science Dr Tatiana Ivanova speaks at the Bosphorus Energy Club Women in Energy Conference, March 2018The vital role of women in energy

The NEA participated in the Women in Energy Conference organised by the Bosphorus Energy Club in Istanbul, Turkey, on 27 March 2018. Dr Tatiana Ivanova, Head of the NEA Division of Nuclear Science, was a featured speaker at the panel sessions on "Barriers to women in energy: How to overcome them?" and "Bettering options for women empowerment", during which she presented the NEA International Mentoring Workshop in Science and Engineering and highlighted the NEA support for enhancing women's role in energy. The NEA encourages its membership to explore ways of attracting, recruiting and retaining women in science and technology.

The Full Costs of Electricity ProvisionWebinar on Full Costs of Electricity Provision

On 13 April 2018, the NEA will hold a webinar to discuss the findings from its latest report – The Full Costs of Electricity Provision. Market prices and production costs account for an important share of the overall economic impacts of electricity. However, there has been a growing recognition that the market value of electricity is not the whole story. The system effects of electricity provision, as well as its social and environmental impacts, are affecting individuals, economies and societies in ways too important to be neglected and not captured in market prices and production costs. This report summarises and synthesises the most recent research in full cost accounting of electricity. Find out more and register at

IGSC Symposium 2018: Current Understanding and Future Direction for the Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Since 2007, the NEA Integration Group for the Safety Case (IGSC) has been organising a series of symposia on the development of a competent and robust safety case for deep geological disposal of radioactive waste, in co-operation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Commission (EC). The 2018 IGSC Symposium on the "Current Understanding and Future Direction for the Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste" will take place on 10‑11 October in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, hosted by COVRA. The purpose of the event is to discuss and document the achievements made since the previous symposium in 2013, to share good practices and to consider future direction. The event also seeks to facilitate mutual learning through exchanges of perspectives on and experiences in safety case development of geological repositories. For information on registration and abstract submissions, please see

NEA International Radiological Protection School (IRPS)NEA International Radiological Protection School (IRPS)

The deadline for applications to the first NEA International Radiological Protection School (IRPS), which will take place from 20 to 24 August 2018 at the Stockholm University in Sweden, is fast approaching. This five‑day training aims at providing mid-career radiological protection (RP) experts with an understanding of the "spirit" of the RP system. Invited experts will present the nuances, history and between-the-lines meanings of international guidance and working experience, that will allow tomorrow's radiological protection leaders to appropriately apply the RP system to address current and future radiological circumstances. For more information on the course and to apply, see:

New publication

State-of-the-Art Report on the Progress of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Chemistry

Nuclear safety

Nuclear power plant operating experience

The NEA Working Group on Operating Experience (WGOE) met on 20‑23 March 2018 to exchange information and experience relating to operating incidents and events occurring at nuclear power plants. The group discussed its key ongoing activities, including the Non-conforming, Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items (NCFSI) and a forthcoming report on operational experience from heavy-load incidents. During a roundtable discussion, participants examined the recent events with notable safety significance and trends of interest. France gave a presentation on the recent changes in its national operating experience feedback programme. The meeting also featured a special topic discussion on "Foreign material exclusion: operating experience and how to present events and failure".

NEA workshop on Riverine Flooding: Hazard Assessment and Protection of Nuclear Installations, March 2018Riverine Flooding: Hazard Assessment and Protection of Nuclear Installations

The NEA Working Group on External Events (WGEV) organised a workshop on Riverine Flooding: Hazard Assessment and Protection of Nuclear Installations on 21‑23 March 2018. The objective of the workshop was to review and discuss current national regulatory approaches to, operating experiences in, and technical methods for the assessment of riverine flooding events and the protection of nuclear installations against river floods. The workshop also aimed to promote the effectiveness of preventative measures. It was attended by nearly 40 experts from nine countries and representatives from the EC, the IAEA and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Commendable practices, challenges and gaps identified during the workshop, as well as recommendations for further work, will be summarised in the forthcoming workshop proceedings to be published in late 2018.

Radioactive waste management

Image of pen, calculator, and budget sheetCost estimation for decommissioning

The NEA Decommissioning Cost Estimation Group (DCEG) held a meeting to discuss nuclear power plant decommissioning benchmarks on 13-14 March 2018. In this meeting, the group carried out in‑depth discussions on its final report, entitled "Benchmarking in the Context of Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Costs", which will summarise all project outcomes. This report aims to provide policy‑makers, regulators, strategists and decision‑makers with an overview of different benchmarking approaches in costing the decommissioning of nuclear power plants, and decommissioning data collection and sharing. It will also address the practical application of benchmarking concepts and methodologies, and set out a potential roadmap for the implementation of benchmarking approaches. The group plans to complete this final report by the end of 2018.

Low-level radioactive waste, COVRA facilities, the NetherlandsOptimisation of low-level radioactive waste management

Optimising the management of materials and radioactive waste arising from decommissioning activities is an integral part of successful decommissioning. On 20-22 March 2018, the NEA Task Group on Optimising Management of Low‑level Radioactive Materials and Waste from Decommissioning (TGOM) held a meeting to continue its work on developing strategies and concepts for optimising the management of low‑level and very low‑level radioactive waste generated by decommissioning. The group is currently developing a status report summarising different strategic approaches for waste and material minimisation, as well as the associated risks and technical management issues. Expected to be issued in late 2018, the report aims to serve as a guide to national policy developers and radioactive waste regulators.

Workshop on the Regulation of Decommissioning

The NEA Regulators' Forum (RF) and the NEA Working Party on Decommissioning and Dismantling (WPDD) will organise a joint workshop on the regulation of decommissioning on 20-21 June 2018 in Paris. The two-day workshop will focus on the exchange and sharing of national experiences and challenges in the regulation of the decommissioning of nuclear facilities. It aims to illustrate the heterogeneity of the regulatory challenges and to support learning from best practices in NEA member countries. To achieve these objectives, the workshop will address a variety of regulatory issues related to decommissioning from a wide range of perspectives. It will include two breakout sessions for small group discussion in order to better understand and explore the interests and needs of NEA member countries in the area of decommissioning regulations. For more information and to register, please see

Nuclear law

NEA Working Party on Nuclear Liability and Transport (WPNLT) meeting, March 2018Nuclear liability during transport

On 13 March 2018, the NEA Working Party on Nuclear Liability and Transport (WPNLT) held a meeting with 32 representatives from 15 NEA member and non-member countries, the EC, the IAEA, the insurance industry and the World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI). In addition to adopting the working party's programme of work for 2017‑2019, participants reviewed and discussed the preliminary results to a WPNLT enquiry regarding national legislation and rules applicable to nuclear transport and transit. Presentations on liability challenges with regard to the transport of nuclear substances were provided by representatives from the United Kingdom and the insurance industry.

NEA Nuclear Law Committee (NLC) meeting, March 2018Latest developments in nuclear law

The NEA Nuclear Law Committee (NLC) held its biannual meeting on 14‑15 March 2018, bringing together 70 experts from member countries, the EC and the IAEA, as well as several representatives from non-member countries including Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. Participants at the meeting discussed current activities conducted under NLC auspices on nuclear liability for transport, the legal aspects of deep geological repositories and the legal aspects of nuclear safety, as well as recent developments relating to the international legal framework for public participation in nuclear decision making. Presentations on latest national developments in nuclear law were provided by Argentina, Japan, Luxembourg, Romania, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

In tandem with the NLC meeting, the Contracting Parties to the Paris Convention on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy also held a meeting on 14 March 2018, as they prepare for the entry into force of the 2004 Protocols to amend this Convention and the Brussels Convention Supplementary to the Paris Convention. During this meeting, the Contracting Parties continued their discussions on the interpretation and implementation of the Paris and Brussels Supplementary Conventions.

NEA Working Party on the Legal Aspects of Nuclear Safety (WPLANS) meeting, March 2018Legal aspects of nuclear safety

On 16 March 2018, the NEA Working Party on the Legal Aspects of Nuclear Safety (WPLANS) held a meeting, bringing together 34 representatives from 19 NEA member and non-member countries, the EC and the IAEA. During this meeting, five member countries, the EC, the IAEA and the NEA Secretariat provided presentations on a number of topics, including the licensing of small modular reactors (SMRs). Participating members also discussed in detail the responses to a recent WPLANS survey on the long-term, continued or extended operation of nuclear power plants and/or research reactors, as well the future actions related to the survey.

2018 Study Panel of the Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia (FNCA), March 2018NEA participates in the Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia (FNCA)

On 23 March 2018, the NEA participated in the 2018 Study Panel of the Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia (FNCA). Organised by the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan (CAO) in co-operation with the NEA, the meeting addressed the legal aspects of nuclear safety and public participation in nuclear decision making. It featured presentations by experts from the NEA, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as by representatives of 11 FNCA member countries. While in Japan, the NEA also gave a presentation at the University of Tokyo on the NEA activities in nuclear law, particularly those relating to the legal aspects of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident.

NEA International School of Nuclear Law (ISNL) Alumni DirectoryISNL Alumni Directory

An alumni directory for the NEA International School of Nuclear Law (ISNL) has been created in order to help the ISNL alumni and lecturers across the years maintain their connections and network. Access to the directory is password-restricted and available only to those alumni and lecturers who are listed. Online access is available at If you wish to update your contact information or to be included in the directory, please e-mail .

Nuclear science and data

MCNP training, March 2018Training courses on computer codes for nuclear data

The NEA Data Bank organised four training sessions in March 2018 on the SCALE Code System and the Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code (MCNP), two computer programs widely used in nuclear engineering and research. The courses attracted over 50 participants from 16 countries, who benefited first-hand from the knowledge and dedication of the code development teams. The NEA Data Bank Computer Program Services organises several training sessions every year, contributing to the dissemination of state-of-the-art codes and engaging the nuclear community. These week-long courses provide a unique opportunity to bring together code users from around the globe and facilitate exchanges on the use of computer codes for nuclear data. Further information on the NEA Data Bank training courses is available at

Computer program services

Training courses

28-MAR-18 NEA-1890 FISPACT-II, Inventory Simulation Platform for Nuclear Observables and Materials Science
15-MAR-18 NEA-1899 GRUCON-D-2017-01, Data Processing for Evaluated Working libraries (transport and shielding)

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