Fourth MDEP Conference on New Reactor Design Activities

    12-13 September 2017
    London, United Kingdom

    Background and objectives

    The MDEP is a unique multinational initiative leveraging the resources and knowledge of national regulators to review new reactor designs. The programme celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016 and is recognised as an effective framework for regulatory co‑operation and harmonisation.

    Over the first 10 years of its existence, MDEP has published 24 common positions and 13 technical reports. In 2015, the MDEP members extended the co‑operation period from the end of 2017 to the end of 2022, focusing on its core mission of collaborating on new reactor design-specific activities. The scope of MDEP has been extended in 2016 to incorporate commissioning and early phase operation as MDEP areas of co‑operation.

    At this important milestone, MDEP was willing to gather feedback on its current activities and discuss its future. To this end, MDEP organised its fourth MDEP conference. The event provided a forum for MDEP stakeholders (including industry representatives, standard development organisations and other international organisations) to share the results of their engagement with the programme and to deliver presentations on ongoing activities related to new reactor licensing. The two-day conference included sessions on codes and standards harmonisation, digital instrumentation and controls, supply chain regulatory issues and vendor inspection co‑operation, influence of MDEP interactions on reactor designs safety, commissioning activities and perspectives for MDEP.


    Fourth Conference on New Reactor Design Activities flyer

    Organisation and participation


    Participation was free of charge but open by invitation only to:

    • industry representatives;
    • international organisations and associations;
    • countries' nuclear regulatory organisations and their technical support organisations.


    All presentations and discussions were held in English.

    Organising committee

    The members of the organising committee are:

    • Mr Julien Collet, ASN, France, STC Chair, Chair of the organising committee
    • Mr Christian Carrier, CNSC, Canada, STC member
    • Mr Tapani Virolainen, STUK, Finland, STC member
    • Mr Gary Holahan, US NRC, USA, STC member
    • Ms Donna Williams, US NRC, USA, STC member
    • Ms Anne-Cécile Rigail, ASN, France, EPRWG Chair
    • Mr Lawrence Burkhart, US NRC, USA, AP1000WG Chair
    • Dr Sweng Woong Woo, KINS, Korea, APR1400WG Chair
    • Mr Sergei Bogdan, SEC-NRS, Russia, VVERWG Chair
    • Mr Neil Blundell, ONR, UK, ABWRWG Chair
    • Mr Xuejun Wei, CNSC, Canada, CSWG Chair
    • Mr Ismael Garcia, US NRC, USA, DICWG Chair
    • Mr Stuart Allen, ONR, UK, VICWG Chair

    Venue and contact

    The conference took place

    Queen Elizabeth II Centre
    Saint James room
    Broad Sanctuary
    Westminster, London
    SW1P 3EE, United Kingdom


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