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PSR-0317 TRANSX-2.15.
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PSR-0317 TRANSX-2.15.

TRANSX-2.15, Neutron Gamma Particle Transport Tables from MATXS Format Cross-Sections

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Program name Package id Status Status date
TRANSX-2.15 PSR-0317/06 Arrived 30-NOV-2023

Machines used:

Package ID Orig. computer Test computer
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TRANSX is a computer code that reads nuclear data from a library in MATXS format and produces transport tables compatible with many discrete-ordinates (SN) and diffusion codes. Tables can be produced for neutron, photon, charged-particle, or coupled transport. Options include adjoint tables, mixtures, homogeneous or heterogeneous self-shielding, group collapse, homogenization, thermal upscatter, prompt or steady-state fission, transport corrections, elastic removal corrections, and flexible response function edits.



  • Several modifications were introduced in the TRANSX code to be compatible with the XSUN-2023 package (NEA-1882/03). IAEA corrections by D. Aldama and C. Konno were included which are needed to process multigroup libraries such as FENDL-3.2 211-neutron/42-gamma.

  • Memory size is increased for the needs of large problem analysis using the XSUN-2023 package.

  • BBC code was corrected for the processing of multiple cross section data sets given at different temperatures.

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TRANSX reads through the materials in a MATXS library and accumulates the cross sections into a transport table using the user's mix instructions. At the same time, response function edit cross sections are accumulated using the user's edit instructions. They can thus be any linear combination of the cross sections available in the library. When the table is complete, it is written out in the desired format. Output options include DTF-style card images, FIDO, ISOTXS, and the binary group-ordered GOXS format. Self-shielding is handled using the background cross section method. Heterogeneity options include homogeneous mixtures, escape using mean chord, lattices of cylinders by the Bell or Sauer approximations, and reflected or periodic slab cell by the bell or E3 approximations.

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Only narrow-resonance self-shielding is available in this version. This may affect accuracy for thermal problems.

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Running times on Cray XMP computers vary from a few seconds for typical 30-group problems to as much as 2 minutes for a complex 80-group problem with self-shielding and many regions.


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  • BBC2.5: Converts MATXS libraries between formatted and binary modes, indexes libraries, and maintains libraries by inserting, deleting, and extracting individual materials.

  • UPD 1.2: Version-control program for TRANSX and BBC.

  • The package includes MATXS10, a complete 30 neutron group and 12 photon group library, an abbreviated version of MATXS11 (an 80x24 fast-reactor and fusion library), and an abbreviated version of MATXS12 (a 69x24 thermal library).

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Package ID Status date Status
PSR-0317/06 30-NOV-2023 Masterfiled Arrived
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PSR-0317/06, included references:
- R.E. MacFarlane: TRANSX2: A Code for Interfacing MATXS Cross-Section
Libraries to Nuclear Transport Codes, LA-12312-MS (July 1992)
- R.E. MacFarlane and D.C. George: UPD: A Portable Version-Control Program,
LA-12057-MS (1991)
- R.E. MacFarlane: TRANSX Today and Tomorrow, LA-UR, prepared for the OECD
Seminar Workshop on NJOY-91 and THEMIS, NEA Data Bank, Saclay, France,
April 7-8, 1992
- R.E. MacFarlane: User Input Instructions for  TRANSX2.15 (November 1994)
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TRANSX 2.15 has been tested on Cray, Sun, IBM RS/6000, and VAX computers. Earlier versions have been run on IBM mainframes. There are no reasons that it could not run on any machine (down to the 386 level). The executable code requires about 500 kB of memory. The sizes of MATXS libraries vary from 3 to 150 MB. Free disk space of 10 to 20 MB should be adequate if only 30-group problems are to be run. Problems using 80 groups or more may require 300 MB or more.



The updated TRANSX 2.15 and BBC codes were compiled on DOS/WINDOWS using the Lahey Fortran 7.8 compiler. Executables for DOS are included in the distribution.

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Package ID Computer language
PSR-0317/06 FORTRAN-77
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Fortran-77 compiler and linker. TRANSX2.15 runs on Unix type operating systems and on Vax under VMS. RSIC installed TRANSX2.15 on IBM RS/6000 running AIX 3.2 with XL Fortran Version 2.3 and on a Sun Sparcstation 5 running Solaris 2.3 with F77 Version 2.0.



Lahey Fortran 7.8 compiler and linker with activated optimization label 0 on DOS/WINDOWS.


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Contributed by: Radiation Safety Information Computational Center

                Oak Ridge National Laboratory

                Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA


Developed by:   Los Alamos National Laboratory

                Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA


Updates contributed by: Ivan A. Kodeli

                        UKAEA, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy,

                        Abingdon, UK


                        Daniel Lopez Aldama

                        International Atomic Energy Agency

                        Vienna, Austria


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TRANSX-215_006.INF This information file

* files needed for XSUN-2023 package (NEA-1882) contained in \trx-xsun2023\

bbc-dos.exe        Executable BBC code for DOS     
bbc-dos.for        Updated BBC source code for DOS
bcd2bin            BBC input for ASCII to BINARY conversion
compilelf95.bat    batch file to compile BBC & TRANSX on DOS
trx-xsun2023.exe   Executable of program TRANSX-2.15 code for DOS
trx-xsun2023.for   Updated source of TRANSX-2.15 code for XSUN2023 (DOS)
trx-xsun2023.upn   Additional updates to build TRANSX-2.15  

* Source files
trx.src            Source code file of program TRANSX Version 2
bbc.src            Source code file of program BBC Version 2   
upd.f              Source code file of program UPD   
zasort.f           Source code file of program ZASORT

* Files with TRANSX updates for different systems
trx.up15           Updates to build TRANSX Version 2.15
trx.up0            Updates to TRANSX Version 2.0            Special updates for IBM mainframe installations
trx.rs6k           Special updates for IBM RS6000 installations         
trx.sun            Special updates for Sun and DEC-Alpha installations  
trx.uni            Special updates for Cray UNICOS installations
trx.vms            Special updates for VAX/VMS installations     
trx.ctss           Special updates for the CTSS installations (Los Alamos 64-bit

* Files with BBC updates for different systems
bbc.up5            Updates to build BBC Version 2.5                  Special updates for IBM mainframe installations
bbc.rs6k           Special updates for IBM RS6000 installations   
bbc.sun            Special updates for Sun and DEC-Alpha installations
bbc.uni            Special updates for Cray UNICOS installations
bbc.vms            Special updates for VAX/VMS installations    
bbc.ctss           Special updates for the CTSS installations (Los Alamos 64-bit

* Make files for different systems
Make.rs6k          Make file for IBM RS6000 installations
Make.sun           Make file for Sun installations        
Make.uni           Make file for Cray UNICOS installations

* MATXS (ASCII) Data Libraries
text10.dat         30n-12g MATXS10 library
text11.dat         80n-24g shortened MATXS11 fast-reactor/fusion library  
text12.dat         69n-24g shortened MATXS12 thermal library

* Index files for the MATXS (ASCII) Data Libraries
index10            Index for the 30n-12g MATXS10 library                  
index11            Index for the 80n-24g MATXS11 fast-reactor/fusion lib.
index12            Index for the 69n-24g shortened MATXS12 thermal library

* Decay heat (ASCII) Data Libraries
delay12            12-group structure library, decay heat and photons
delay24            24-group structure library, decay heat and photons
delay42            42-group structure library, decay heat and photons

* Other data files
card1              Data file with Carbon P0 34x30 table
fido3              Data file with Al-27  P0 46X42 table

* BBC input files
bcd2bin            BBC input for ASCII to BINARY conversion
bin2bcd            BBC input for BINARY to ASCII conversion

* TRANSX sample input files
in1                Sample input file, test case # 1
in2                Sample input file, test case # 2
in3                Sample input file, test case # 3
in4                Sample input file, test case # 4
in5                Sample input file, test case # 5
in6                Sample input file, test case # 6
in7                Sample input file, test case # 7
in8                Sample input file, test case # 8
in9                Sample input file, test case # 9

* TRANSX sample output files ("original", Cray YMP)
out1               Sample output file, test case # 1
out2               Sample output file, test case # 2
out3               Sample output file, test case # 3
out4               Sample output file, test case # 4
out5               Sample output file, test case # 5
out6               Sample output file, test case # 6
out7               Sample output file, test case # 7
out8               Sample output file, test case # 8
out9               Sample output file, test case # 9

* TRANSX sample output files (Sun Solaris platform, SunOS 5.3)
out1_sun           Sample output file, test case # 1
out2_sun           Sample output file, test case # 2
out3_sun           Sample output file, test case # 3
out4_sun           Sample output file, test case # 4
out5_sun           Sample output file, test case # 5
out6_sun           Sample output file, test case # 6
out7_sun           Sample output file, test case # 7
out8_sun           Sample output file, test case # 8
out9_sun           Sample output file, test case # 9

* TRANSX sample output files (DEC-Alpha workstation, OSF/1 V3.2)
out1_alpha         Sample output file, test case # 1
out2_alpha         Sample output file, test case # 2
out3_alpha         Sample output file, test case # 3
out4_alpha         Sample output file, test case # 4
out5_alpha         Sample output file, test case # 5
out6_alpha         Sample output file, test case # 6
out7_alpha         Sample output file, test case # 7
out8_alpha         Sample output file, test case # 8
out9_alpha         Sample output file, test case # 9

* TRANSX sample output files (VAX 6000-510 under OpenVMS)
out1_vms           Sample output file, test case # 1
out2_vms           Sample output file, test case # 2
out3_vms           Sample output file, test case # 3
out4_vms           Sample output file, test case # 4
out5_vms           Sample output file, test case # 5
out6_vms           Sample output file, test case # 6
out7_vms           Sample output file, test case # 7
out8_vms           Sample output file, test case # 8 (crashed !!!)
out9_vms           Sample output file, test case # 9

PSR_0317_3.pdf      Documentation file
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  • B. Spectrum Calculations, Generation of Group Constants and Cell Problems
  • M. Data Management

Keywords: data library, data processing, diffusion equations, discrete ordinate method, multigroup, transport theory.