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Catalog of Programs in alphabetical order

nea-1250 2D-SEEP - 3D-SEEP, 2-3-D Ground Water Flow in Permeable Geologic Media
nea-1732 3D-TRANS-2003, Workshop on Common Tools and Interfaces for Radiation Transport Codes
psr-0248 ABAREX, Optical Statistical Model Neutron Cross-Sections Using ABACUS and NEARREX
nea-1839 ACAB-2008, ACtivation ABacus Code
nea-0976 ACCULIB, Program Library of Mathematical Routines
nea-1072 ACFA, Isotope Activation of Coolant and Structure Materials
iaea0960 ACTIV-JINR, Experimental Gamma Spectra Unfolding
nea-1708 ADEFTA 4.1, Atomic Densities for Transport Analysis
ccc-0831 ADVANTG 3.0.3, AutomateD VAriaNce reducTion Generator
ccc-0854 ADVANTG 3.2.1, AutomateD VAriaNce reducTion Generator without ORNL-TN
nea-1913 AEROSOL-SCIENCE, Aerosol Science: Theory and Practice with Special Applications to the Nuclear Industry
nea-0001 AIREK-MOD, Time Dependent Reactor Kinetics with Feedback Differential Equation
iaea1274 AIREKMOD-RR, Reactivity Transients in Nuclear Research Reactors
nea-1130 AIRGAMMA, External Gamma-Ray Exposure from Radioactive Cloud
nesc0326 AIROS-2A, Space-Independent Reactor Kinetics and Space-Dependent Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer
iaea1432 AL-SHIELDER, calculates shielding thickness of aluminum for any photon emitting radionuclide between 0.5 to 10 MeV
uscd1238 ALICE2011, Particle Spectra from HMS precompound Nucleus Decay
ccc-0612 ALPHN, (Alpha, N) Neutron Production in High-Level Waste Canisters
nea-0403 AMARA, Correlation of Nuclear Data to Integral Experiment by Lagrange Multipliers
iaea1251 AMICO, Cross-Sections Data for ANISN, DOT from WIMS Library
ccc-0793 AMP, Advanced Multi-Physics
psr-0315 AMPX-77, Modular System for Coupled Neutron-Gamma MultiGroup Cross-Sections from ENDF/B-5
uscd0795 AMRAW, Risk Assessment Method for Radioactive Waste Management
nea-1235 AND, Atomic Number Densities for Criticality Calculation
nea-1798 ANGELO-LAMBDA, Covariance matrix interpolation and mathematical verification
ccc-0082 ANISN-E, 1-D Transport Program ANISN with Exponential Model
nea-0363 ANISN-FONTENAY, 1-D Planar, Spherical, Cylindrical Neutron Transport and Gamma Transport with Deep Penetration
ccc-0254 ANISN-ORNL, 1-D Neutron Transport & Gamma Transport in Slab, Cylindrical, Spherical Geometry with Anisotropic Scattering
ccc-0255 ANISN-W, 1-D Transport Calculation for Deep Penetration Problems
ccc-0514 ANISN/PC, MultiGroup 1-D Discrete Ordinates Transport with Anisotropic Scattering
nea-1638 ANITA-IEAF, Isotope Inventories from Intermediate Energy Neutron Irradiation for Fusion Applications
nea-1657 ANL-BPB, Argonne National Laboratory Code Center Benchmark Problem Book
ests1169 ARCON96, Radioactive Plume Concentration in Reactor Control Rooms
nea-1581 ART MOD2, Fission Product Migration in Primary System and Containment
ccc-0417 AT123D, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Transient Waste Transport Simulation in Groundwater
ccc-0179 ATR, Radiation Transport Models in Atmosphere at Various Altitudes
nea-0949 BERMUDA, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Neutron and Gamma Transport for Shielding
ccc-0657 BETA-S 6, Multi-Group Beta-Ray Spectra
nea-0683 BLOK, Turbulent Flow in Pipes and Channels with Rectangular Obstruction
ccc-0459 BOLD/VENTURE-4, Reactor Analysis System with Sensitivity and Burnup
nea-1678 BOT3P5.4, 3D Mesh Generator and Graphical Display of Geometry for Radiation Transport Codes, Display of Results
nea-0866 BTPLOT BTSPEC EXSPEC ORDTAB TABLST, Retrieval of ENDF/B Decay Spectra
nea-1727 BULK-I, Radiation Shielding Tool for Proton Accelerator Facilities
nea-1819 BURD, Bayesian estimation in data analysis of Probabilistic Safety Assessment
nea-0114 BURST, Time-Dependent Pressure and Coolant Flow after Circuit Fracture in HTGR
nea-0558 BUST, Elastic Stress in HTGR Pressurized Fuel Elements
nesc1080 BWR-GALE, Radioactive Gaseous and Liquid Waste Release from BWR
nea-1313 BWRDYN, Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of a BWR Plant
iaea1403 C-SHIELDER, Gamma shielding calculations of radionuclides emitting photons 0.5 to 10 MeV by different concretes
nea-1278 CALENDF-2010, Pointwise, Multigroup Neutron Cross-Sections and Probability Tables from ENDF/B Evaluations
ccc-0594 CALKUX, Exposure Transmission of Medical X-Ray Beams Through Barrier Materials
ccc-0542 CAP-88, Dose Risk Assessment from Air Emissions of Radionuclides
nea-1327 CAPCAL V1.3, 3-D Capacitance Calculator for VLSI Purposes
psr-0388 CARES, Seismic Structure Safety Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants
nea-1735 CARL 2.3, radiotoxicity, activity, dose and decay power calculations for spent fuel
psr-0262 CASKCODES, Program CAPSIZE Scope KWIKDOSE for Shipping Cask Shielding
nea-1195 CASKET, Thermal and Structural Analyses for Transport and Storage Cask
ests1071 CECP(BWR) CECP(PWR), Decommissioning Costs for PWR and BWR
nea-0553 CEDRAZAL, Steady-State Heat Transfer in HTR with Multifuel Region
psr-0532 CEM03.03, Monte-Carlo Code system to calculate nuclear reactions in the framework of the improved cascade-exciton model
iaea1247 CEM95, Cascade Exciton Model Nuclear Reactions by Monte-Carlo Method
ccc-0544 CEPXS ONELD, 1-D Coupled Electron Photon MultiGroup System
ccc-0837 CEPXS, Coupled Electron-Photon Cross Section
ests0663 CFDLIB, Computational Fluid Dynamics Library
ccc-0604 CHAINS-PC, Decay Chain Atomic Densities
uscd1208 CHECKR-8.05, ENDF/B Format Check
nea-1561 CHEMENGL/CHIMISTE, Chemical and Physical Properties of Elements
uscd1021 CHUCK-3, Nuclear Scattering Amplitude and Collision Cross-Sections by Coupled Channel
ccc-0755 CINDER 1.05, Actinide Transmutation Calculations Code
nesc0313 CINDER, Depletion and Decay Chain Calculation for Fission Products in Thermal Reactors
nesc0387 CITATION, 3-D MultiGroup Diffusion with 1st Order Perturbation and Criticality Search
ccc-0643 CITATION-LDI2, 2-D MultiGroup Diffusion, Perturbation, Criticality Search, for PC
iaea1385 CITOPP-CITMOD-CITWI, Processing codes for CITATION Code
iaea0883 CLUB, Cell Calculation PF Candu PWR Fuel Clusters
ccc-0726 CNCSN 2009, One, Two- and Three-Dimensional Coupled Neutral and Charged Particle Sn Parallel Multi-Threaded Code System
nesc9911 CNVUFAC GRAY, Black-Body Radiation View Factors with Self-Shadowing
nesc0873 COAST-4, Design and Cost of Tokamak Fusion Reactors
nesc9978 COBRA-3C/RERTR, Thermohydraulic Low Pressure Subchannel Transients Analysis
nesc0432 COBRA-4I, Transient Thermohydraulics Fuel Elements Clusters, Subchannel Analysis Method
nea-1614 COBRA-EN, Thermal-Hydraulic Transient Analysis of Reactor Cores
psr-0614 COBRA-SFS 6.0, Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of Multi-Assembly Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation Systems
ests0135 COBRA-SFS CYCLE3, Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of Spent Fuel Casks
nesc1091 COBRA-SFS, Thermal Hydraulics of Spent Fuel Storage System
ccc-0829 COG11.1, Multiparticle Monte Carlo Code System for Shielding and Criticality Use
nea-0915 COGEND, Decay Data Generated in ENDF-6 Format
psr-0607 COGLIBMAKER2014, Data Conversion Utility
psr-0286 COMBINE-PC, MultiGroup Neutron Cross-Sections in B1 or B3 Approximation from ENDF/B-5
nesc0776 COMPARE-MOD1A, 2 Phase Flow Thermodynamics, Pressure in LWR Containment
ests0023 COMPBRN3, Modelling of Nuclear Power Plant Compartment Fires
nesc0498 CONCEPT-5, Cost and Economics Analysis for Nuclear Fuel or Fossil Fuel Power Plant
ccc-0416 CONDOS-II, Radiation Dose from Consumer Product Distribution Chain
nesc0818 CONTEMPT-4/MOD5&6, LWR Containment Long-Term Pressure Distribution and Temperature Distribution in LOCA
nesc0433 CONTEMPT-LT/028B & H, LWR Containment Pressure and Temperature Distribution in LOCA
nea-1305 COOLOD, Steady-State Thermal Hydraulics of Research Reactors
iaea1226 CORD-2, PWR Core Design and Fuel Management
nesc0758 COREL DAMG2 RASE4, Ion Implantation in Solids, Range, Straggling Using Thomas-Fermi Cross-Sections
nea-1375 COSIMA, BWR Core Performance Simulator
nea-0425 COSTANZA-XE, 2-D Pebble-Bed or Prismatic Fuel Elements HTR Dynamic in Cylindrical Geometry
nea-1734 CRISSUE-S, Neutronics/Thermal-hydraulics Coupling in LWR Technology
nea-1903 CRISTAL V2.0.3, Criticality calculation package
iaea0873 CRITIC, In-Core Fuel Management for CANDU PWR
nea-1681 CRITICALITYACCIDENTS, A Review of Criticality Accidents, 2000 Revision, LA-13638 in PDF format
ccc-0233 CRYSTAL-BALL, Neutron Spectra Calculation from Activation Experiment with Error Estimate
nea-1892 CUMYIELD.MT, cumulative yields calculations of radioactive decay isotopes considering decay chain
nea-1535 D2O, Computation of Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Heavy Water
nea-1516 DANCOFF-MC, Dancoff Correlation for Arbitrary Lattices by Monte-Carlo
nea-0694 DANTE, Activation Analysis Neutron Spectra Unfolding by Covariance Matrix Method
ccc-0547 DANTSYS3.0, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D MultiGroup Discrete Ordinate Method Transport
nea-1885 DART-V.1, displacement per atom, primary knocked-on atoms produced in an atomic solid target
nesc9918 DASSL, Solution of Differential Algebraic Equation
nesc9493 DATING, Temperature for Spent Fuel Dry Storage
ccc-0640 DCHAIN, Isotope Buildup and Isotope Decay by 1 Point Approximation
nea-1603 DCHAIN-SP 2001, Code System for Analyzing Decay and Build-up Characteristics of Spallation Products
ests0848 DDASAC, Double-Precision Differential or Algebraic Sensitivity Analysis
nea-1893 DECAYHEAT.MT, decay heat calculations from radioactive isotopes
nesc9681 DEM4-26, Least Square Fit for IBM PC by Deming Method
nea-1887 DESAE, develop prospective nuclear energy scenarios in a regional and global scale
ccc-0649 DIF3D 8.0/VARIANT8.0, 2-D 3-D Multigroup Diffusion/Transport Theory Nodal & Finite Difference Solver, Variational Method
ccc-0784 DIF3D10.0, Variational Nodal Methods, Finite Difference Methods to Solve N diffusion & Transport Theory Problems
iaea1269 DIFBAS, Spectra Unfolding of Ne213 P Recoil Detectors
nesc9639 DIGLIB/PC, General Graphics Subroutine Package for Different Computers
ccc-0454 DISPERS, Radioactive Release into Surface Water and Ground Water
nesc0847 DISPL-1, 2nd Order Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation System Solution for Kinetics Diffusion Problems
nesc9532 DISPOSAL_SITE, Low-Level Radioactive Waste Storage Cost Analysis
nea-0391 DLS, 2-D Diffusion with Line-of-Sight Method for Cavities
ccc-0650 DOORS3.2A, 1-,2-,3-dimensional discrete-ordinates system for deep-penetration neutron and photon transport
psr-0110 DOQDP, Discrete Ordinate Quadrature Generator for Programs DOT and ANISN
ccc-0532 DORT-PC, 2-D Discrete Ordinates Transport System
nea-1711 DORTDAT2, Input-Making Support System for a Two-Dimensional SN Code, DORT
ccc-0624 DOSE-SGTR, Iodine Release During Steam Generator Tube Rupture (SGTR) in PWR
ccc-0276 DOT-3.5, 2-D Neutron Transport, Gamma Transport Program DOT with New Space-Scaling
ccc-0320 DOT-4.2, 2-D Neutron Transport, Gamma Transport with Space Dependent Mesh and Quadrature
uscd1234 DRAGON 3.05D, Reactor Cell Calculation System with Burnup
uscd1237 DRAGON2PARTISN, Cross-Sections Data Generation for PARTISN4.0
nesc0784 DSNP, Program and Data Library System for Dynamic Simulation of Nuclear Power Plant
nea-0322 DTF4-J, 1-D Neutron Transport with Anisotropic Scattering by Sn Method
nea-1671 DUCT-III, Design Code for Duct-Streaming Radiations
ccc-0634 DUST-BNL, Radioactive Waste Transport from Container Leaks into Ground Water
nea-1209 DWBA07/DWBB07, elastic scattering with nucleon-nucleon potential and DWBA for inelastic scattering
nesc9872 DWUCK-4 DWUCK-5, Scattering Cross-Sections of Spin 0 and 1/2 and 1 Particles by DWBA
nea-1411 DYN3D/M2, Reactivity Transients in Light H2O Reactors with Hexagonal Geometry
nea-0217 DYNAPS, Vibration Analysis of Piping System in Earthquake
ests1300 E3D, 3-D Elastic Seismic Wave Propagation Code
nea-1875 EACRP-D2O-LATTICES, Compilation of reactor physics measurements in HWRs lattices
ccc-0744 EASYQAD 2.0.1, Visualization for Gamma and Neutron Shielding Calculations
nea-0850 ECIS-12, Coupled Channel, Statistical Model, Schroedinger and Dirac Equation, Dispersion Relation
psr-0191 EDISTR, Nuclear Data Base Generator for Internal Radiation Dosimetry Calculation
nea-0969 EDMULT-6.4, Electron Depth Dose Distribution in Multilayer Slab Absorbers
psr-0531 EEDB, The Energy Economic Data Base
ccc-0331 EGS4, Electron Photon Shower Simulation by Monte-Carlo
nesc0983 EGUN, Charged Particle Trajectories in Electromagnetic Focusing System
nea-1200 ELEORBIT, 3-D Simulation of Electron Orbits in Magnetic Multipole Plasma Source
iaea1169 EMPIRE-II 2.18, Comprehensive Nuclear Model Code, Nucleons, Ions Induced Cross-Sections
uscd1235 ENDF-UTILITY-CODES, codes to check and standardize data in the Evaluated Nuclear Data File (ENDF)
nea-1895 ENDSAM, a code for random sampling and validation of covariance data of resonance parameters in ENDF-6 format
iaea1402 ENDVER/GUI, The ENDF File Verification Support Package
uscd1149 ENSDF PROCESSING CODES, Analysis and Utility Programs
nea-1686 ENTREE 1.4.0, BWR Core Simulation System for Space and Time Dependent Coupled Phenomena
iaea1285 EPICSHOW-98.1, Interactive Viewing of EPIC (Electron Photon Interaction Code) Data Library
nesc0886 EQ3/6, Thermodynamics Equilibrium for Aqueous Solution Mineral System
iaea1202 EQUIVA, Few-Group Diffusion Parameter for PWR Reflector Region by 1-D Transport Calculation
nea-1683 ERANOS 2.3N, Modular code and data system for fast reactor neutronics analyses
nea-1676 ERRORJ-2.3, Multigroup covariance matrices generation from ENDF-6 format
iaea1282 ESTAR PSTAR ASTAR, Stopping Power and Range of Electrons, Protons, Alpha
nea-0892 ESTIMA, Neutron Width Level Spacing, Neutron Strength Function of S- Wave, P-Wave Resonances
ccc-0107 ETRAN, Electron Transport and Gamma Transport with Secondary Radiation in Slab by Monte-Carlo
nea-1094 EURDYN, Nonlinear Transient Analysis of Structure with Dynamic Loads
psr-0010 EVAP-4, Particle Evaporation from Excited Nuclei
nesc9952 EVENT, Explosive Transients in Flow Networks
nea-0228 EXCURS-3, Reactor Kinetics and Heat Transfer in Cylindrical Channel During Accident
iaea1273 EXCURS-3-RR, Kinetics of Research Reactor Reactivity Transient Analysis
iaea1211 EXIFON2.0, Neutron, Alpha, Proton, Gamma Emission Spectra
nesc0156 EXTERMINATOR-2, 2-D MultiGroup Neutron Diffusion in X-Y R-Z or R-Theta Geometry
nesc9578 FACET, Radiation View Factor with Shadowing
ests0063 FAMREC, PWR Lateral Mechanical Fuel Rod Assembly Response
nea-0617 FAPMAN-IC, LWR Fuel Cost Analysis with Program ORSIM Interface
nesc1095 FASTGRASS, Gaseous Fission Products Release in UO2 Fuel
iaea1438 FE-SHIELDER, shielding thickness of Iron for any photon emitting radionuclide between 0.5 and 10 MeV
nea-0443 FEM-2D, 2-D MultiGroup Diffusion in X-Y Geometry
nea-0545 FEM-BABEL, 3-D MultiGroup Neutron Diffusion by Galerkin Method
nea-1080 FEMAXI-6, Thermal and Mechanical Behaviour of LWR Fuel Rods
ccc-0451 FEMWASTE FEMWATER, Finite Elements Method Waste Transport Through Porous Media
nesc1144 FEMWATER BLT, Water or Waste Transport in Soil
psr-0102 FERDO/FERD, Unfolding of Pulse-Height Spectrometer Spectra
nesc9844 FFSM, Long-Term Nuclear Waste Repository Site Simulation by Monte-Carlo
nea-1692 FFT-BM, Code Accuracy Evaluations with the 1D Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Methodology
nea-0896 FINELM, MultiGroup Diffusion in 3-D by Finite Elements Method
nea-1901 FINIX 1.19.12, thermal and mechanical behaviour of a nuclear fuel rod during steady-state and transient conditions
nea-1916 FINPSA TRAINING -R-, a PSA model in consisting of event trees, fault trees, and cut sets
nesc1092 FIRAC, Nuclear Power Plant Fire Accident Model
dlc-0125 FIREDATA, Nuclear Power Plant Fire Database
nea-0897 FISP-6, Fission Products Inventory and Energy Release in Irradiated Fuel
nea-1890 FISPACT-II 5.X, Inventory Simulation Platform for Nuclear Observables and Materials Science
nea-0706 FISPIN, Isotope Buildup and Isotope Decay for Actinides, Fission Products, Structure Materials
uscd1209 FIZCON-8.03, ENDF/B Cross-Sections Redundancy Check
nea-1833 FLUKA2011.2X.4, Monte Carlo general purpose tool for calculations of particle transport and interactions with matter
psr-0196 FLYSPEC, Neutron Spectra Unfolding from Ne213 and Stilbene Scintillation Detectors
nea-0669 FONTA, Radiation Release in Atmosphere and Deposition in Human Organs
psr-0092 FORIST, Ne-213 Scintillation Detector Neutron Spectra Unfolding
iaea1388 FOTELP-2018, Photons, Electrons and Positrons Transport in 3D by Monte Carlo Techniques
nesc9915 FRAMIS, Relational Data Base Management System
psr-0363 FRANCO, Finite Element Method (FEM) Fuel Rod Analysis for Solid and Annular Configurations
nesc0658 FRAP-T6/MOD1, Temperature and Pressure in Oxide Fuel During LWR LOCA
nesc0694 FRAPCON2 & V1M4, Steady-State LWR Oxide Fuel Elements Behaviour, Fission Products Gas Release, Error Analysis
nea-1907 FRENDY V2, Nuclear Data Processing System for Evaluated Nuclear Data File
nesc0301 FREVAP-6, Metal Fission Products Release from HTGR Fuel Elements
nea-1846 FSKY4C, Gamma Ray Skyshine Analysis Code
nesc9659 FTAP, Minimal Cut Sets of Arbitrary Fault Trees
nesc9860 FTRANS, Radionuclide Flow in Groundwater and Fractured Rock
nea-1812 FUELPERFORMANCE-REP, Seminars on nuclear fuel performance based on basic underlining phenomena, proceedings
nesc0862 FX2-TH, 2-D MultiGroup Neutron Diffusion in X-Y, R-Z and R-Theta Geometry with Thermal Feedback
psr-0610 GADRAS-DRF-18.8.13, Gamma Detector Response and Analysis Software-Detector Response Function
nesc0310 GAKIN-2, 1-D MultiGroup Time-Dependent Neutron Diffusion, Finite Difference Method
nesc9654 GAMANAL, Radioactive Species Mixtures by Gamma Spectra Analysis
nea-1827 GANAPOL-ABNTT, Analytical Benchmarks for Nuclear Engineering Applications, Case Studies in Neutron Transport Theory
nesc0618 GAPCON-THERMAL-2 & GT2R2-1, Steady-State Fuel Rod Thermal Behaviour and Fission Products Gas Release
nesc0770 GAPCON-THERMAL3, Fuel Rod Steady-State and Transient Thermal Behaviour, Stress Analysis
nea-1601 GARDEC, Estimation of dose-rates reduction by garden decontamination
nesc0263 GASKET-2, Thermal Neutron Scattering Law for Moderators, Harmonic Vibrations and Gaseous
ccc-0463 GASPAR-II, Radiation Exposure to Man from Air Releases of Reactor Effluents
nesc0380 GATT, 3-D Few-Group Neutron Diffusion for Power Distribution in Hexagonal Reactor Core for HTGR
nesc0622 GAUSS-6, Experimental Gamma Spectra Analysis, Isotope Identification, Decay Rates
nea-1864 GEF 2021/1.1, Code for Simulation of Nuclear Fission Process
nea-1652 GEM, Monte-Carlo Code for Simulating a Decaying Process of an Excited Nucleus
nesc0576 GEM-NESC, Fuel Cycle Cost and Economics for Thermal Reactor, Present Worth Analysis
ccc-0737 GENII 2.10, Environmental Radiation Dosimetry System
ccc-0601 GENII-LIN, Multipurpose Health Physics Code
uscd1210 GETMAT-6.13, ENDF/B Material Retrieval
psr-0229 GIP, Group Organized Cross-Sections Library for ANISN, DOT
psr-0125 GNASH-FKK, Preequilibrium, Statistical Model Cross-Sections and Emission Spectra
iaea1271 GNOMER, Core Power Distribution by 1-D, 2-D, 3-D MultiGroup Neutron Diffusion
uscd1211 GRALIB-6.11, DISSPLA Plot Routines Emulator
psr-0231 GRESS-3.0, FORTRAN Precompiler with Differentiation Enhancement
ccc-0774 GRSAC, Graphite Reactor Severe Accident Code
nea-1917 GRSIS, program to predict fission gas release and swelling behavior in U-Pu-Zr metallic fast reactor fuel
ccc-0721 GRTUNCL3D, Code to Calculate Semi Analytic First Collision Source and Uncollided Flux (X, Y, Z)
nea-1899 GRUCON-D-2017-01, Data Processing for Evaluated Working libraries (transport and shielding)
nea-1820 GTSP, automatic ultrasonic inspection of Guide Tube Support Pin in nuclear power plants
ccc-0697 GUI2QAD, Graphical Interface for QAD-CGPIC, Point Kernel for Shielding Calculations
nea-0682 H2OTP, Temperature Dependent and Pressure Dependent Thermodynamics Properties, Transport Properties of H2O
nesc0797 HAARM-S, Time-Dependent Diffusion and Deposition of Radioactive Aerosols, LMFBR Accidents
ccc-0665 HABIT 1.1, Toxic and radioactive release hazards in reactor control room
ests1100 HABIT, Toxic and Radioactive Release Hazards in Reactor Control Room
nesc0277 HAMMER, 1-D MultiGroup Neutron Transport Infinite System Cell Calculation for Few-Group Diffusion Calculation
nea-1345 HARPHRQ, Geochemical Reaction Modelling
nea-0547 HASSAN, Time-Dependent Temperature Distribution and Stress and Strain in HTR Fuel Pins
nesc9819 HCT, Time Dependent 1-D Gas Hydrodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Transport
psr-0199 HEATING-7.3, Multidimensional Finite-Difference Heat Conduction Analysis
nea-0490 HEDO-2, Magnetic Field Calculation and Plot of Air Core Coils
nea-0302 HEITLER, Compton Cross-Sections, Photoelectric Cross-Sections, Pair-Production Cross-Sections, Total Cross-Sections
nesc0775 HEMP, 2-D Elastic Plastic Flow in 2-D X-Y or Cylindrical Geometry by Lagrangian Method
nea-1666 HEPROW, Unfolding of pulse height spectra using Bayes theorem and maximum entropy method
nea-0536 HERA-1A, Steady-State Thermohydraulics of Na Cooled Fuel Rod Bundles
ests0545 HGSYSTEM, Atmospheric Dispersion for Ideal Gases and Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)
ccc-0644 HOTSPOT 3.0.1, Health Physics Code System for Evaluating Accidents Involving Radioactive Materials
ests0406 HYFRACP3D, 3-D Hydraulic Fracture Propagation by Finite Element Method
nea-1823 ICRS1, Proceedings of the First Radiation Shielding Symposium, Cambridge, UK 1958
ests0005 IMPACTS-BRC2.1, General Radiological Impacts Analysis
iaea1378 INDOSE V2.1.1, Internal Dosimetry Code Using Biokinetics Models
nea-1904 INES-CLASS, assessment of accidents significance occurred at nuclear facilities
psr-0313 INFLTB, Dosimetric Mass Energy Transfer and Absorption Coefficient
uscd1212 INTER-8.00, ENDF/B Thermal Cross-Sections, Resonance Integrals, G-Factors Calculation
iaea0886 INTERTRAN-I & II, Radiation Exposure from Vehicle Transport of Radioactive Material
uscd1213 INTLIB-6, Graphic Device Interface Library for ENDF/B Processing Codes
nea-1894 INVENTDYN.MT, calculates the dynamics of the amount of isotope and its daughter nuclides with time stamps
nea-1821 IPLOT, interactive MELCOR data plotting system
iaea1328 ISABEL EVA PACE-2, Evaporation Model with Intranuclear Cascade Input
ccc-0636 ISO-PC, X-Ray, Gamma-Bremsstrahlung Dose-Rates
ccc-0079 ISOSHLD, Decay Gamma Dose, Bremsstrahlung Dose Behind Shield, Fission Products Source Strength
ccc-0467 ITS-3.0, Integrated TIGER Series of Coupled Electron-Photon Monte Carlo Codes.
iaea0940 JADSPE, Multi-Channel Gamma Spectra Unfolding Program
nea-1760 JANIS 4.0, a Java-based nuclear data display program
nea-1838 JASMINE V.3, Steam explosion simulation
nea-1811 JDL-IMPORTANCE, Adjoint Function: Physical Basis of Variational & Perturbation Theory in Transport & Diffusion Problems
nea-1843 JDL-REACTOR-KINETICS, Nuclear Reactor Kinetics and Control
nea-1844 JDL-THERMODYNAMICS, Thermodynamics: Frontiers and Foundations
nea-0624 JOSHUA, Neutronics, Hydraulics, Burnup, Refuelling of LWR
psr-0306 KAOS-V, Neutron Fluence to Kerma Factor Evaluation from ENDF/B-5 and JENDL-2
ccc-0510 KENO-IV(RG), KENO-IV with Random Geometry
psr-0541 KENO2MCNP, Version 5L, Conversion of Input Data between KENOV.a and MCNP File Formats
psr-0450 KENO3D 5.1, Visualisation Tool for KENO V.A and KENO-VI Geometry Models
ccc-0548 KENO5A-PC, Monte-Carlo Criticality with Supergrouping
nea-0288 KERBREK, Fuel Cycle Cost Analysis for Power Reactor
nea-1865 KICHE 1.3, Kinetics of Iodine Chemistry in the Containment of LWRs under Severe Accident Conditions
iaea1339 KINETIK, Time-Dependent Heat and Mass Transfer
ests0154 KIVA3VRELEASE2, Transient Multicomponent 2-D and 3-D Reactive Flows with Fuel Sprays
nea-1001 KORIGEN, Isotope Inventory, Radiation Heat from PWR Burnup
nea-0441 KPD, Time-Dependent Fuel Cycle Cost Calculation for Various Reactor Types
nea-1924 KRAKEN 1.2.X, framework of (coupled) tools for reactor core analysis
nesc0992 LADTAP-2, Organ Doses to Man and Other Biota from Aquatic Environment
ccc-0696 LAHET 2.8, Code System for High Energy Particle Transport Calculations
nea-0192 LAZY, General Experimental Data Processing Program
psr-0277 LEPRICON, PWR Vessel Dose Analysis with DORT and ANISN Program
nea-0124 LGH, Gamma Streaming and Neutron Streaming for Duct
psr-0394 LHS, Multivariate Sample Generator by Latin Hypercube Sampling
nesc1085 LHS-ESTSC, Multivariate Sample Generator by Latin Hypercube Sampling
uscd1214 LISTEF-6.13, ENDF/B Data File Summary List
nea-1026 LOUHI82, Generator Spectra Unfolding Program with Linear and Nonlinear Regularization
psr-0233 LSL-M2, Neutron Spectra Log Adjustment for Dosimetry Applications
uscd1224 LSODI, Implicit Ordinary Differential Equations System Either Dense or Banded Matrices
nea-0316 LTFR-4, Library Generated for Fast Reactor Design Program from JAERI Fast-Set MultiGroup Constant
ccc-0631 LWRARC-1.0, PWR and BWR Spent Fuel Decay Heat Generator
nesc1006 MAEROS, Multicomponent Aerosol Time Evolution
nea-1047 MANYCASK, Radiation Dose Rate Around Many Casks
nea-0517 MAPLIB, Thermodynamics Materials Property Generator for FORTRAN Program
ccc-0503 MARINRAD, Health Hazard from Radioactive Material Release into Ocean
psr-0137 MARLOWE 15b, Computer Simulation of Atomic Collisions in Crystalline Solids
nea-1307 MARMER, Point-Kernel Shielding Calculation with Nuclide Concentrations from ORIGEN-S
psr-0117 MARS-ORNL, Processing Program Collection for AMPX, CCCC, ANISN, DOT, MORSE Format Library
ests0212 MASCON, Mass-Consistent Atmospheric Flux Model
ests0279 MATHEW/ADPIC, Air Concentration and Ground Deposition from Point Sources
ests0221 MAXWELL3, 3-D FEM Electromagnetics
psr-0350 MC*2-2, Calculation of Fast Neutron Spectra and Multigroup Cross-Sections from ENDF/B Data
uscd1241 MCART, solve the time dependent neutron transport equation
nea-1643 MCB1C, Monte-Carlo Continuous Energy Burnup Code
nea-1733 MCNP4B-GN, Monte Carlo Code System for (gamma,n) production and transport in high-Z materials
iaea0889 MCRAC/RBI, In Core Fuel Management, Program of PFMP System
ests1678 MCSLTT, Monte Carlo Simulation of Light Transport in Tissue
nea-1859 MCUNED, MCNPX Extension for Using light Ion Evaluated Nuclear Data library
nea-1166 MCVIEW, 3-D Radiation View Factor by Monte-Carlo Method
ccc-0156 MECC-7, Medium-Energy Intranuclear Cascade Code System
nea-0583 MEDUSA-PIJ, 1-D Thermohydraulic Analysis of Laser Driven Plasma
nea-1889 MEGA, Mechanistic and Engineering Fission Gas Release Model for a Uranium Dioxide Fuel
nea-1930 MELGENBRIEF, A Code To Extract Control Volume Information From MELGEN Output File of The MELCOR code
nea-0351 MERCURE, 3-D Gamma Heating and Gamma Dose Rate and Fast Flux by Monte-Carlo
nea-0194 MERCURE-3, Gamma Attenuation by Line-of-Flight in 3-D Heterogeneous Geometry
ests0331 MESORAD1.4, Emergency Response Airborne Dose Assessment
nea-1534 MESYST, Simulation of 3-D Tracer Dispersion in Atmosphere
nea-1922 MEXTRA 1.1, A Code To Extract Numerical Value From MAAP Code Output Files
psr-0542 MGA8, Determine Pu Isotope Abundances from Multichannel Analyzer Gamma Spectra
nesc9460 MILDOS-AREA, Radiological Impact of Airborne U238 from Mining and Milling
uscd1097 MINEQL, Chemical Equilibrium Composition of Aqueous Systems
nesc0888 MINPACK-1, Subroutine Library for Nonlinear Equation System
nea-1706 MMRW, Canadian and early British Energy Reports on Nuclear Reactor Theory (1940-1946)
nea-1792 MMRW-BOOKS, Legacy books on slowing down, thermalization, particle transport theory, random processes in reactors
ccc-0841 MMS3D, Method of Manufactured Solutions for 3D one-group SN Equations with escalating order of non-smoothness
psr-0365 MOCUP, MCNP/ORIGEN Coupling Utility Programs
nea-0527 MONK, Keff, Collision Rate, Flux Distribution in General Geometry from UKNDL by Monte-Carlo Method
nea-1747 MONTE-CARLO-WS-2005, Proceedings of Monte Carlo Criticality Calculations & TRIPOLI-IV Workshops 2005
psr-0455 MONTEBURNS 2.0, An Automated, Multi-Step Monte Carlo Burnup Code System
nea-1905 MORET 5.D.1, Monte Carlo simulation tool to solve transport equation for neutrons
nea-1633 MOSRA-LIGHT, High Speed 3-D X-Y-Z Nodal Diffusion Code for Vector Computers
nea-1896 MOSRA-SRAC, Lattice Calculation Module of the Modular Code System for Nuclear Reactor Analyses MOSRA
iaea1349 MSM-SOURCE, Neutron Source Generator for MCNP from Proton Neutron Interaction
nea-1845 MURE v2 - SMURE, MCNP Utility for Reactor Evolution: couples Monte-Carlo transport with fuel burnup calculations
nea-1673 MVP/GMVP V.3, MC Codes for Neutron & Photon Transport Calc. based on Continuous Energy and Multigroup Methods
nea-1926 N-THERMALISATION, Notes on the scattering of thermal neutrons
iaea1411 NAAPRO, Neutron Activation Analysis Prognosis and Optimization code
psr-0085 NAISAP, Theory and Use of Gamma-Ray Spectrum Analysis Codes for NaI(Tl) Detectors.
nesc9644 NASA-VOF2D, 2-D Transient Free Surface Incompressible Fluid Dynamic
nesc9568 NASA-VOF3D, 3-D Transient, Free Surface, Incompressible Fluid Dynamic
nea-0853 NAUA-MOD5, Aerosols in Reactor Containment During Meltdown
nea-1874 NEACRP-H2O-LATTICES, Compilation of reactor physics measurements in LWRs lattices
ccc-0641 NESTLE 5.2.1, Few-Group Neutron Diffusion for Steady-State and Transient Problems by Nodal Expansion Method (NEM)
nea-0823 NEUPAC, Experimental Neutron Spectra Unfolding with Sensitivities
psr-0480 NJOY99, Data Processing System of Evaluated Nuclear Data Files ENDF Format
nea-0974 NMTC/JAERI97, High-Energy P, N, Pion Reaction Monte-Carlo Simulation
ccc-0684 NRCDOSE 2.3.20, Evaluation of Routine Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants
ccc-0768 NRCDOSE72 1.2.3, Evaluation of Routine Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants with Windows Interface
ests1049 NRCPIPES, Fracture Mechanics of Cracked Pipes
nea-0700 NRESP4, Organic Scintillation Detector Response to Monoenergetic Fast Neutron
iaea1389 NRSC, Neutron Resonance Spectrum Calculation System
nea-1347 NSLINK, Coupling of NJOY Cross-Sections Generator Code to SCALE-3 System
nesc0790 NUBOW-2D/INEL, 2-D Core Restraint System Stress Analysis, with Bowing, Creep, Swelling
iaea1320 NUCHART, Nuclear Properties and Decay Data Chart
nea-1492 NUCLEUS-CHART, Interactive Chart of Nuclides
nesc0683 NUFUEL, Conditions for Power Production, U Fuel, Pu Recycle and Reprocessing
psr-0616 NucWiz, set up and run Monte Carlo calculations
uscd1232 ODEPACK, Initial Value Problems of Ordinary Differential Equation System
nea-1591 OMEGA, Subcritical and Critical Neutron Transport in General 3-D Geometry by Monte-Carlo
nea-1877 OPBA, Operator Procedural Behavior Analyzer
nesc0703 ORCENT-2, Full Load Steam Turbine Cycle Thermodynamics for LWR Power Plant
nesc0588 ORCOST-2, PWR, BWR, HTGR, Fossil Fuel Power Plant Cost and Economics
nea-1324 OREST, LWR Burnup Simulation Using Program HAMMER and ORIGEN
ccc-0371 ORIGEN-2.2, Isotope Generation and Depletion Code Matrix Exponential Method
ccc-0702 ORIGEN-ARP 2.00, Isotope Generation and Depletion Code System-Matrix Exponential Method with GUI and Graphics Capability
nea-0622 ORIGEN-JR, Radiation Source and Nuclide Transmutation with In-Core Burnup
nea-1249 ORION-II, Concentration and Dose from Radioactive Release into Atmosphere
nea-1880 ORIP-XXI, isotope transmutation simulations
psr-0275 ORMONTE, Uncertainty Analysis for User-Developed System Models
psr-0538 P-CARES 2.0.0, Probabilistic Computer Analysis for Rapid Evaluation of Structures
nesc0901 PAD, Coupled Neutronics, Thermohydraulics in 1-D Spherical, Cylindrical, Planar Geometry
psr-0156 PAPIN, Cross Section, Self-Shielding Factors for Fertile Isotopes in Unresolved Resonance Region
psr-0516 PARET-ANL, Code System to Predict Consequences of Nondestructive Accidents in Research and Test Reactor Cores
ccc-0760 PARTISN 5.97, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Time-Dependent, Multigroup Deterministic Parallel Neutral Particle Transport Code
ccc-0842 PARTISN 8.29, Time-Dependent, Parallel Neutral Particle Transport Code System
nea-1680 PASCAL, Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Structural Components in Aging LWR
ccc-0445 PAVAN, Atmospheric Dispersion of Radioactive Releases from Nuclear Power Plants
ests0071 PC-PRAISE, BWR Piping Reliability Analysis
ests0764 PCDOSE, Radioactive Dose Assessment and NRC Verification
nesc9917 PCHIP, Piecewise Cubic Hermite Data Interpolation
uscd1205 PCNUDAT, Nuclear Properties Data Base and Retrieval System
iaea0855 PELSHIE-PC, Dose Rates from Gamma Source by Point-Kernel Integration
nea-1525 PENELOPE2018, A Code System for Monte-Carlo Simulation of Electron and Photon Transport
nea-1910 PENGUIN, graphical user interface for PENELOPE
nea-1339 PEPIN, Methodology for Computing Concentrations, Activities, Gamma-Ray Spectra, and Residual Heat from Fission Products.
nea-1931 PHITS-3.X, Particle and Heavy Ion Transport code System
uscd1207 PHREEQC & PHRQCGRF, Modeling of Geochemical Reactions, Calculation of pH, REDOX Potential
psr-0568 PICES, Probabilistic Investigation of Capacity and Energy Shortages
nea-1612 PIN99W, Modelling of VVER and PWR Fuel Rod Thermomechanical Behaviour
nea-0416 PIPE, 1-D Gamma Transport for Slab, Spherical Shields with Compton Scattering Calculation
nea-1879 PLOT-S, Plotting Program with special Features for Windows Environment
uscd1215 PLOTEF-6.13, ENDF/B Data Plot
nea-0493 PLUDOS, Ground Level Gamma Dose from Radioactive Release at Various Heights
nea-1663 PLUTON, Isotope Generation and Depletion in Highly Irradiated LWR Fuel Rods
nea-1789 PMK2-VVER440-REPORTS, Final reports on the PMK-2 projects for VVER Safety Studies
ests0428 POISSON SUPERFISH, Poisson Equation Solver for Radio Frequency Cavity
iaea0944 POLLA/IEACTA, ENDF/B Reich-Moore to Adler-Adler Resonance Parameter Conversion
nea-1929 POSY, Power system model for system costs evaluation - Will be released soon
nea-1675 PPICA, Power Plant Investment Cost Analysis
nea-1485 PREP-45, Input Preparation for CITATION-2
nea-1173 PREP/SPOP, Input Preparation for Monte-Carlo Program SPOP
iaea1379 PREPRO2021, Data Preparation and Management, Subsidiary Calculations (ENDF Format)
nea-0169 PROCOPE, Collision Probability in Pin Clusters and Infinite Rod Lattices
iaea1174 PSAPACK, Probabilistic Safety Analysis with Fault Event Trees
uscd1216 PSYCHE-8.00, ENDF/B Data Consistency Check in ENDF Format
nesc0155 PTH-1, Pressure and Temperature in Containment after Blowdown of H2O Coolant System
ccc-0618 PTRAN, Proton Transport for 50 to 250 MeV by Monte-Carlo
psr-0534 PUFF-IV 6.1.0, Code System to Generate Multigroup Covariance Matrices from ENDF/B-VI Uncertainty Files
iaea1228 PULSTRI-1, Mixed Core Triga Reactor Pulse Calculation
nea-1679 PVIS-4, Pressure vessel irradiation, source preparation
nesc1081 PWR-GALE, Radioactive Gaseous Release and Liquid Release from PWR
nesc0552 PWR-PPM, Boration-Dilution Tables Generator for PWR Operation
nea-1828 Proceedings of PHYSOR'90 conference: Physics of Reactors, Operation, Design and Computation, Marseille, 23-27 April 1990
nea-1912 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Nuclear Criticality Safety (ICNC2003), 20-24 Oct. 2003, Tokai-Mura
ccc-0645 QAD-CGGP-A, Fast Neutron, Gamma Penetration in Shields with Combinatorial Geometry
ccc-0396 QADMOD-G, Point-Kernel Gamma-Ray Shielding Program
ccc-0617 QBF, Radiation Dose Distribution Around Spent Fuel Shipping Casks
nea-1600 QUARK, 2-Group 3-D Neutronic Kinetics Coupled to Core Thermalhydraulics
ests0062 RABFIN PARTS, Noble Gas, Iodine, Particulate Gaseous Effluent Dose Parameters
nea-0467 RADHEAT, Transport, Heat Generator, Radiation Damage Cross-Sections in Reactor and Shield
ccc-0800 RADTRAD 3.03, Model for Radionuclide Transport and Removal and Dose Estimation
nea-1867 RAPID, RAdial power and burnup Prediction by following fissile Isotope Distribution in the pellet
nea-0632 RAPVOID, H2O Flow and Steam Flow in Pipe System with Phase Equilibrium
ccc-0783 RASCAL 4.3, Radiological Assessment Systems for Consequence AnaLysis
ccc-0632 RBD, Doses from Radionuclide Inhalation, Ingestion, Wound Uptake from Bioassays
nea-1873 REACTORPHYSICS-62-91, Archive of Reactor Physics Reports and Summaries of [N]EACRP (1962-1991)
nea-1814 REACTORSHIELDING-NMS, Reactor Shielding for Nuclear Engineers by N. M. Schaeffer
ccc-0708 REBUS-PC 1.4, Code System for Analysis of Research Reactor Fuel Cycles
ccc-0653 REBUS3/VARIANT8.0, Code System for Analysis of Fast Reactor Fuel Cycles
nesc9967 RECOG-ORNL, Pattern Recognition Data Analysis
nesc1065 REFCO83, Nuclear Fuel Cycle Cost Economics Using Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
nea-0914 REFIT-2009, Multilevel Resonance Parameter Least Square Fit of N Transmission, Capture, Fission & Self Indication Data
nea-1231 REFREP, Near-Field Model for Spent Fuel Repository
nesc0369 RELAP-4, Transient 2 Phase Flow Thermohydraulics, LWR LOCA and Reflood
nea-0437 RELAP-UK, Thermohydraulic Transients and Steady-State of LWR
nesc0917 RELAP5/MOD1/029, Transient 2 Phase Flow Thermohydraulics, LWR LOCA Accidents
psr-0482 REMIT5.1, Radiation exposure monitoring and information transmittal system
ccc-0786 RESRAD 6.5, Residual Radioactive Material Guideline Implementation
nea-0979 RETRANS, Reactivity Transients in LWR
nesc0453 RICE, Energy Exchange Matrix, Damage Cross-Sections, Recoil Energy Spectra from ENDF/B
nesc9580 RICKI, Interactive Gamma Spectra Unfolding with Isotope Identification
nea-1825 RIMACS, Reactor Inspection Main Control System
ccc-0623 RISKIND, Radiological Risk Assessment for Spent Nuclear Fuel Transportation
ccc-0626 RIVER-RAD, Radionuclide Transport in Surface Waters
nea-1835 ROCKWELL-RSDM, Reactor Shielding Design Manual by Rockwell T. III
ests0608 RSAC-6, Gamma doses, inhalation and ingestion doses, fission products inventory after fission products release
ccc-0761 RSAC-7.2, Gamma doses, inhalation and ingestion doses, fission products inventory after fission products release
nea-0402 SABINE-3, Neutron Penetration and Gamma Penetration in Reactor Shield for Planar, Spherical, Cylindrical Geometry
psr-0242 SABRINA, Geometry Plot Program for MCNP
nea-1884 SACALC-ELLIPSOID, Calculates the average solid angle subtended by a ellipsoid solid or surface
nea-1688 SACALC3, Calculates the average solid angle subtended by a volume
psr-0573 SAEROSA, Single-Species Aerosol Coagulation and Deposition with Arbitrary Size Resolution
nesc0332 SAFE-3D, Stress Analysis of 3-D Composite Structure by Finite Elements Method
nesc0674 SAFTAC, Monte-Carlo Fault Tree Simulation for System Design Performance and Optimization
nea-0212 SAHYB-2, Solution of Ordinary Differential Equation with User-Supplied Subroutine
psr-0158 SAMMY 8.1.0, Multilevel R-Matrix Fits to Neutron and Charged-Particle Cross-Section Data Using Bayes' Equations
nea-0691 SAMPO80, Ge(Li) Detector Gamma Spectra Unfolding with Isotope Identification
ccc-0112 SAND-II, Neutron Flux Spectra from Multiple Foil Activation Experiment
ccc-0361 SANDYL, 3-D Time-Dependent and Space-Dependent Gamma Electron Cascade Transport by Monte-Carlo
nesc0641 SAP-4, Static and Dynamic Linear System Stress Analysis for Various Structures
psr-0608 SAPHIRE 8.0.9, Systems Analysis Programs for Hands-On Integrated Reliability Evaluations
nea-1898 SAUNA V1.1, Severe Accident UNcertainty Analysis
nea-1405 SCALPLO, Plotting of Flux Output from SCALE Program
psr-0352 SCAMPI, Problem Dependent Library Preprocessing in AMPX Format
nesc1119 SCANS, Shipping Cask Design Safety Analysis
nea-0829 SCAT-2 & SCAT-2B, Cross Sections and Angular Distributions for Spherical Nuclei by Optical Model
ccc-0826 SCEPTRE 1.7, Sandia Computational Engine for Particle Transport for Radiation Effects
psr-0267 SCINFUL, Scintillation Neutron Detector Response by Monte-Carlo
nea-1755 SCIP V1.1, Radioactive Surface Contamination Investigation Program
psr-0210 SCOPE, Shipping Cask Optimization and Parametric Evaluation
nea-0865 SCRIMP, Steady-State Thermohydraulics of HTGR Subchannel
ccc-0620 SEECAL-2.0, Specific Effective Energy in Human Body Due to Radiation
nesc1063 SEISIM-1, Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessment
nea-0654 SELFS-3, Self-Shielding Correlation of Foil Activation Neutron Spectra Analysis by SAND-2
ccc-0729 SERA-1C1, Simulation environment for radiotherapy applications
nea-1840 SERPENT 1.1.7, 3-D continuous-energy Monte Carlo reactor physics burnup calculation, lattice physics applications
nea-1923 SERPENT V2.2.X, 3-D continuous-energy Monte Carlo reactor physics burnup calculation, lattice physics applications
uscd1217 SETMDC-6.13, Preprocessor for CHECKR, FIZCON, INTER, etc. ENDF Utility source codes
nesc0452 SHELL-5, Elastic Stress Analysis of 3-D Thin Shells Using Finite Elements Method
iaea1287 SHIELD, Monte-Carlo Code for Simulating Interaction of High Energy Hadrons with Complex Macroscopic Targets
iaea1391 SHIELDER, Gamma shielding calculations of radionuclides emitting photons 0-5 to 10 MeV
iaea1416 SIGACE, Code for Doppler broadening of ACE-formatted files
ests0238 SIMION, Electrostatic Lens Analysis and Design
nea-1577 SKETCH-N 1.0, Solve Neutron Diffusion Equations of Steady-State and Kinetics Problems
ccc-0646 SKYSHINE-KSU, Gamma Skyshine Doses by Integral Line-Beam Method
ccc-0289 SKYSHINE2&3-SKYIII-PC, Dose Rate Outside Concrete Steel Building from 6 MeV Gamma by Monte-Carlo
ccc-0704 SLIDERULE 1.0,Slide Rule for direct radiation exposure approximation in criticality accidents
nesc1077 SMACS, Probabilistic Seismic Analysis Chain with Statistics
nea-1767 SMAFS, Steady-state analysis Model for Advanced Fuelcycle Schemes
nea-1046 SMART, Radiation Dose Rates on Cask Surface
psr-0345 SNL-SAND-II, Neutron Flux Spectra from Multiple Foil Activation Analysis
nesc0559 SOFIRE-2, Containment Temperature and Pressure During Na Pool Fire, 1-Cell or 2-Cell Analysis
nesc0832 SOLA-DF, Time-Dependent 2-D 2 Phase Flow, Eulerian Method with Various Boundary Conditions
nesc0651 SOLA-SURF, 2-D Plane, Axisymmetric, Incompressible Flow Navier Stokes Equation for Transient
nesc0948 SOLA-VOF, 2-D Transient Hydrodynamic Using Fractional Volume of Fluid Method
nesc9944 SOLGASMIX-PV, Chemical System Equilibrium of Gaseous and Condensed Phase Mixtures
uscd1100 SOLUPLOT, Eh-pH Diagram, a02-pH Diagram Plots for Aqueous Chemical Systems
nesc0662 SOLVEX, Dynamic and Steady-State Mixer-Settler and Centrifugal Contactor Behaviour
nea-1911 SOPHIA, a Lagrangian-based CFD code for nuclear thermal-hydraulics and safety applications.
nea-0450 SOTHIS, PWR Fuel Cycle Equilibrium Cost Evaluation
ccc-0661 SOURCES-4C, Calculating Alpha, N, Fission, Delayed Neutron Sources and Spectra
ccc-0228 SPAR, High-Energy Muon, Pion, Heavy Ion Stopping-Powers and Ranges
nea-0468 SPARK, Time-Dependent 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Diffusion with Heat Transfer and Feedback
psr-0263 SPECTER-ANL, Neutron Damage for Material Irradiation
nea-1165 SPEEDI & EXPRESS, Radiation Dose from Plume Release in Nuclear Accident
nea-0374 SPES, Fuel Cycle Optimization for LWR
nesc0716 SPRAY-3, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer of Na Sprays in LMFBR after Pipe Failure
psr-0266 SPUNIT, Multisphere Neutron Spectra Unfolding
psr-0533 SQUIRT 1.1, predicts leakage rate and crack area for cracked pipes in nuclear power plants
nea-0919 SRIM-2008, Stopping Power and Range of Ions in Matter
iaea1382 SRNA-2020, Proton Transport Using 3-D by Monte Carlo Techniques
nea-0684 SSYST-3, Modular System for Transient Fuel Rod Behaviour Under Accident Condition
iaea1439 STACY, Very High Temp. Reactor V/HTR Safety Analyses for the Quantification of Fission Product Release from the Fuel
nea-1725 STAMPI, Application to the Coupling of Atmosphere Model (MM5) and Land-surface Model (SOLVEG)
uscd1218 STANEF-8.02, ENDF/B Book-keeping Operations for ENDF Format Files
iaea0971 STAPRE-H95, Evaporation and Pre-Equilibrium Model Reaction Cross-Sections Calculations
psr-0330 STARCODES, Stopping Power and Ranges for Electrons, Protons, He
nea-0908 STATISTICS, Program System for Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data
nesc9749 STATLIB, Interactive Statistics Program Library of Tutorial System
psr-0113 STAY-SL, Dosimetry Unfolding with Activation, Dosimetry, Flux Error Calculation
nesc0487 STEAM-67, Thermodynamics Properties of H2O and Steam from ASME Tables (1967)
iaea0970 STOPOW88, Stopping Power of Fast Ions in Matter
iaea1437 SUPERMC 3.3.0, Super Monte Carlo simulation program for nuclear and radiation process
nea-1151 SUSD, Sensitivity and Uncertainty in Neutron Transport and Detector Response
nea-1628 SUSD3D, 1-, 2-, 3-Dimensional Cross Section Sensitivity and Uncertainty Code
ccc-0204 SWANLAKE, Cross-Sections Sensitivity Analysis for 1-D Discrete Ordinate Calculation
ccc-0767 SWORD 7.0, SoftWare for Optimization of Radiation Detectors
nea-0594 SYNTH-C, Steady-State and Time-Dependent 3-D Neutron Diffusion with Thermohydraulic Feedback
nesc9766 T-HEMP3D, 3-D Time-Dependent Elastic Plastic Flow
nesc1113 TACT-5, Doses of Radioactivity Release from Reactor Core into Environment
nea-0531 TAFEST, 2-D Transient Heat Conduction
ccc-0638 TART2022, 3D Coupled Neutron-Photon Combinatorial Geometry, Time Dependent, Monte Carlo Transport Code
nesc0558 TASK, 1-D MultiGroup Diffusion or Transport Theory Reactor Kinetics with Delayed Neutron
nea-1925 TCOFF, Thermodynamic Char. of Fuel Debris and Fission Products based on Scenario Analysis of Severe Accident Progression
ccc-0180 TDA, Time-Dependent 1-D Neutron Transport, Gamma Transport by ANISN Method in Slab, Spherical, Cylindrical Geometry
ccc-0709 TDTORT, Time-Dependent, 3-D, Discrete Ordinates, Neutron Transport Code System with Delayed Neutrons
nea-0774 THALES, Thermohydraulic LOCA Analysis of BWR and PWR
nesc9940 THERMIT-2, 3-D Thermo-Hydraulics of BWR and PWR
nesc0184 THERMOS-BRT-1, 1-D Integral Transport for Neutron Spectra, Slab and Cylinder
ccc-0759 TITAN 1.29, A Three-Dimensional Deterministic Radiation Transport Code System
ccc-0858 TMAP7, Tritium Migration Analysis Program
nesc9669 TOPAZ-SNLL, Transient 1-D Pipe Flow Analysis
ccc-0543 TORT-DORT, 1-D 2-D 3-D Discrete Ordinate Neutron and Photon Transport with Deep Penetration
ests0219 TOUGH2 & TOUGHREACT, Unsaturated Ground Water and Heat Transfer
nesc9710 TOXRISK, Toxic Gas Release Accident Analysis
nesc0836 TRAC-PF1, Thermohydraulics, Reactor Kinetics, 2 Phase Flow LOCA Analysis
nea-1593 TRAC-PF1/EN MOD 3, Best Estimate Coupled 3-D Neutronics-Thermalhydraulics
psr-0317 TRANSX-2.15, Neutron Gamma Particle Transport Tables from MATXS Format Cross-Sections
iaea1214 TRIGAC, Flux and Power Distribution and Burnup for TRIGA Reactor
iaea1370 TRIGLAV, Research Reactor Calculations
nea-1716 TRIPOLI-4 VERS. 8.1, 3D general purpose continuous energy Monte Carlo Transport code
nea-1878 TRIPOLI-4 version 9S, Coupled Neutron, Photon, Electron, Positron 3-D, Time Dependent Monte-Carlo Transport Calculation
nea-1086 TRISTAN, 3-D fixed source radiation transport
iaea1337 TRISTAN-IJS, Steady-State Axial Temperature and Flow Velocity in Triga Channel
nea-0415 TRITON, 3-D Multi-Region Neutron Diffusion Burnup with Criticality Search
iaea0884 TRIVENI, 3-D Fuel Management for PHWR CANDU
psr-0522 TRUMP, Steady-State and Transient 1-D, 2-D and 3-D Potential Flow, Temperature Distribution
iaea1434 U-SHIELDER, Estimates Shielding Thickness of Depleted Uranium for Photons from 0.5 to 10 MeV
nea-1682 U3-U5-PU9-CRITICALS, Critical Dimensions of Systems containing U235, Pu239, and U233
nea-1665 UMG 3.3, Analysis of data measured with spectrometers using unfolding techniques
ests0827 UNSPEC, X-Ray Spectrum Unfolding
ccc-0781 VARSKIN 4 V4.0.0, Dose Calculation for Skin Contamination, with Sadde Input Generator
uscd1239 VENTEASY, Criticality Search for a Desired Keffective by Adjusting Dimensions, Nuclide Concentrations, or Buckling
ccc-0654 VENTURE-PC 1.1, Reactor Analysis System with Sensitivity and Burnup
nesc0511 VENUS-2, Reactor Kinetics with Feedback, 2-D LMFBR Disassembly Excursions
nesc9826 VERTPAK-1, Fluid Flow, Rock Deformation, Solute Transport in Porous Media
nea-1856 VESTA 2.1&AURORA1.0, Monte Carlo depletion interface code and AURORA 1.0.0, Depletion analysis tool
ccc-0754 VIM 5.1, Steady-State 3-D Neutron Transport Using ENDF/B or Multigroup Cross Sections
uscd1240 VIM_NC, VIM color syntax for Nuclear Codes: NJOY, DRAGON, PARTISN, TORT, MONK, and MCNP
nesc1115 VISA-2, Reactor Vessel Failure Probability Under Thermal Shock
psr-0618 VISUAL EDITOR 61, MCNPX/6 Visual Editor Computer Code
nesc0922 VMCON, Minimization of Nonlinear Function with Constraints
iaea0871 VPI-NECM, Nuclear Engineering Program Collection for College Training
nea-0655 VSOP, Neutron Spectra, 2-D Flux Synthesis, Fuel Management, Thermohydraulics Calculation
iaea1440 VSOP99-11, Neutron Spectra, 2-D Flux Synthesis, Fuel Management, Thermohydraulics Calculation
iaea1417 W-SHIELDER, calculates shielding thickness of water for photon emitting radionuclide between 0.5 to 10 MeV
nea-1142 WADOSE, Radiation Source in Vitrification Waste Storage Apparatus
nesc9673 WAPPA, Waste Package Performance Assessment
nesc0278 WHAM-6, Pressure and Velocity Transients in Fluid Pipes, Wave Superposition Method
ccc-0698 WIMS-ANL 4.0, Deterministic Code System for Lattice Calculation
nea-0329 WIMS-D/4, MultiGroup Reactor Lattice Calculation for Thermal Reactor and Fast Reactor
iaea0887 WIMSCORE-ENEA, 2-Group Constant from WIMS-D/4 for Programs TDB, TRITON, CITATION
nea-1507 WIMSD5, Deterministic Multigroup Reactor Lattice Calculations
iaea1408 WLUP3.0, 69 and 172 Group Cross Section Libraries for WIMS
nesc0964 XOQDOQ, Meteorological Evaluation of Atmospheric Nuclear Power Plant Effluents
ccc-0847 XOQGAM, Methodology and Software Routines for Computation of Gamma Radiation Exposures from Finite-cloud Gaussian Plumes
nea-1882 XSUN-2023, Windows interface environment for transport and sensitivity-uncertainty software TRANSX-2, PARTISN and SUSD3D
nea-1251 ZYLIND, Gamma Penetration for Cylindrical Source and Shield Geometry
nea-1398 ZZ 3DLWRCT, 3-D LWR Rod Ejection and Rod Withdrawal Benchmarks
dlc-0069 ZZ ACTL82, Data Library of Evaluated Activation Cross-Sections
iaea1420 ZZ ADS-LIB, test library for Accelerator Driven Systems
dlc-0224 ZZ ALBEDO-DATA, Data for the Calculation of Albedos from Concrete, Iron, Lead and Water for Photons and Neutrons
nea-1745 ZZ ALEPH-LIB-JEFF3.1, MCNP Neutron Cross Section Library based on JEFF3.1
nea-1927 ZZ AMPXJEFF3.1.1UPM, AMPX-formatted Neutron Cross Section Library and Covariances based on JEFF-3.1.1
nea-1928 ZZ AMPXJEFF3.3-UPM, AMPX-formatted Neutron Cross Section Library and Covariances based on JEFF-3.3
iaea1398 ZZ BOREHOLE-EB6.8-MG, multi group cross-section library for deterministic and Monte Carlo codes
nea-1872 ZZ BUGENDF70.BOLIB, ENDF/B-VII.0 Broad-Group Coupled X Sect. Lib. for LWR Shielding & Pressure Vessel Dosimetry Applic.
nea-1866 ZZ BUGJEFF311.BOLIB, JEFF-3.1.1 Broad-Group Coupled X Sect Lib. for LWR Shielding & Pressure Vessel Dosimetry Applic.
dlc-0185 ZZ BUGLE-96, Multigroup Coupled Neutron Gamma Cross-Section for LWR Shielding Calculation
dlc-0210 ZZ CANDULIB-AECL, Burnup-Dependent ORIGEN-S Cross-Section Libraries for CANDU Reactor Fuels
dlc-0023 ZZ CASK/F, 40-Group Neutron and Gamma Coupled Cross-Section for PWR Shipping Casks
iaea1256 ZZ CENPL, Chinese Evaluated Nuclear Parameter Library
dlc-0042 ZZ CLEAR/42B, 126 Neutron-Group, 36 Gamma-Group Coupled Cross-Section in AMPX, CCCC Format, for LMFBR
nea-1775 ZZ CLES, cross section library of moderator materials for low-energy neutron sources
dlc-0271 ZZ COG-SUP-LIB, COG Supplemental Libraries for ENDL2011 and MCNP6.1-ENDF/B-VII. 1
nea-1730 ZZ COV-15GROUP-2006, 15-group cross section covariance matrix library
dlc-0091 ZZ COVFILS, 30-Group Covariance Library from ENDF/B-5 for Sensitivity Studies
dlc-0137 ZZ COVFILS-2, 74-Group Neutron Cross-Section, Scattering Matrices, Covariances for Fusion Reactors
dlc-0028 ZZ CTR, 73-Group Neutron and Gamma Coupled Cross-Section for CTR Transport Calculation
dlc-0130 ZZ DABL69, 46-Group Neutron, 23-Group Gamma Cross-Section in ANISN Format from ENDF/B-V
nea-0791 ZZ DAMSIG84, 640-Group Damage Cross-Section Library for SAND-2 Calculation
dlc-0030 ZZ DECAYREM/C, Decay Spectra Library for EXREM Calculation
nea-1644 ZZ DECDC, Nuclear Decay Data Files for Dose Calculation
dlc-0079 ZZ DOSDAT-2, Gamma and Electron Dose Conversion Factor Data Library for Body Organs
dlc-0144 ZZ DOSEDAT-DOE, Dose-Rate Conversion Factors for External Photon, Electron Exposure
dlc-0080 ZZ DRALIST, Radioactive Decay Data for Dosimetry and Hazard Assessment
iaea1401 ZZ DROSG-2000, Legendre Coefficient Library for 59 monoenergetic neutron source reactions
nea-1609 ZZ EAF 99, Cross Section Library for Neutron Induced Activation Materials
nea-1606 ZZ ECN-BUBEBO, ECN-Petten Burnup Benchmark Book, Inventories, Afterheat
dlc-0106 ZZ ECPL86, Data Library of Evaluated Charged Particle Cross-Section, Nuclides Up to Oxygen
dlc-0208 ZZ ELAST2, Database of Cross Sections for the Elastic Scattering of Electrons and Positrons by Atoms
dlc-0100 ZZ ELECSPEC, Electron Spectra Data Library from Fission Product Decay
uscd0803 ZZ ENDF/B-IV, Evaluated Nuclear Data File Version 4
uscd1233 ZZ ENDF/B-V, Evaluated Nuclear Data File Version 5
dlc-0103 ZZ ENDL86, Evaluated Charged Particle, Neutron, Photon Cross-Section Library
dlc-0179 ZZ ENDLIB, Coupled Electron and Photon Transport Library in ENDL Format
iaea1435 ZZ EPICS2023, Electron Photon Interaction Cross Sections
nea-0794 ZZ EURLIB, Coupled Neutron Gamma Multigroup Cross-Section Library from ENDF/B for Shielding Calculations
iaea1364 ZZ FENDL-2, Evaluated Nuclear Data Library for Fusion Neutronics Applications
dlc-0167 ZZ FGR-DOSE, Dose Coefficient for Intake and Exposure to Radionuclides
nea-1822 ZZ FLUKA05-PRE-LIB, FLUKA05 Multi-group, multi-purpose nuclear data library, neutrons, photons, charged particles
nea-1424 ZZ FSXJ32&FSXLIBJ33, MCNP nuclear data library based on JENDL-3.2 and JENDL-3.3
nea-1782 ZZ FSXLIB-JD99, MCNP nuclear data library based on JENDL Dosimetry File 99
nea-0878 ZZ GAMDAT-78, Gamma Decay Data of Radioisotopes
dlc-0013 ZZ GARLIB, Multigroup Resonance Cross-Section Group Constant Library for Tungsten and Depleted Pu
nea-1544 ZZ GEFF-2-MATXS, Coupled Neutron-Gamma Fusion Neutronics Library in MATXS Format
nea-1344 ZZ GROUPSTRUCTURES, VITAMIN-J, XMAS, ECCO-33, ECCO2000 Standard Group Structures
nea-1210 ZZ HATCHES-20, Database for radiochemical modelling
dlc-0220 ZZ HILO2K, Coupled 83 Neutron, 22 Photon Group Cross Sections for Neutron Energies Up to 2 GeV for ANISN, DORT and TORT
dlc-0119 ZZ HILO86, 66 Neutron, 22 Gamma Group Cross-Section Library for ANISN, DORT, MORSE
dlc-0099 ZZ HUGO, Photon Interaction Data Library in ENDF-5 Format
dlc-0146 ZZ HUGO-VI, Photon Interaction Data in ENDF-6 Format
iaea1419 ZZ IBANDL, Ion Beam Analysis Nuclear Data Library in R33 format
nea-1656 ZZ IEAF-2001, Intermediate Energy Activation File
iaea1418 ZZ INDL/TSL, Thermal Neutron Scattering Data for H2O, D2O and ZrHx in ENDF-6 Format and as MCNP(X) Data Sets
iaea1215 ZZ IRAN-LIB, Multigroup Neutron Gamma Cross-Section Library for 33 Elements in ANISN Format
iaea0867 ZZ IRDF, Cross-Section Library and Spectra for Dosimetry Calculation in ENDF-5, ENDF-6 and ACE Formats
nea-1853 ZZ JENDL-1, Japanese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library
nea-1624 ZZ JENDL/D-99, JENDL Dosimetry Cross-Sections Data Library and Graphical Representations
nea-0796 ZZ JFS-V2., Cross-Sections Library 25-Groups ABBN and 70-Group JFS for Fast Reactor Calculation
nea-1815 ZZ KAFAX-E70, 150 and 12 Groups Cross Section Library in MATXS Format based on ENDF/B-VII.0 for Fast Reactors
nea-1650 ZZ KAFAX-F22, 80 and 24 Groups Cross-Section Library in MATXS Format Based on JEF-2.2 for Fast Reactors
nea-1816 ZZ KAFAX-F31, 150 and 12 Groups Cross Section Library in MATXS Format based on JEFF-3.1 for Fast Reactors
nea-1817 ZZ KAFAX-J33, 150 and 12 Groups Cross Section Library in MATXS Format based on JENDL-3.3 for Fast Reactors
nea-1649 ZZ KASHIL-E6, 175 N, 42 Gamma Groups Cross Sections in MATXS Format Based on ENDF/B-VI.5 for Shielding Applications
nea-1818 ZZ KASHIL-E70, 199 N, 42 Photon Groups Cross Sections in MATXS Format Based on ENDF/B-VII.0 for Shielding Applications
dlc-0142 ZZ KERMAL, Neutron and Gamma Kerma Library from ENDL and EGDL
dlc-0021 ZZ KXRAY, X-Ray Attenuation Cross-Section Library from 0.1 KeV to 1 MeV
dlc-0168 ZZ LA100, ENDF Format Data Library for Neutron and Protons Up to 100 MeV
dlc-0040 ZZ LIB-IV, 50-Group Cross-Section Library in CCCC-III Format from ENDF/B-IV for Fast Reactors
dlc-0029 ZZ MACKLIB, Nuclear Response Function Library for CTR and Hybrid Fission Fusion System Materials
dlc-0060 ZZ MACKLIB-4, 171-Neutron, 36-Gamma Group Response Function Library from ENDF/B-IV
nea-1740 ZZ MATJEF22.BOLIB, JEF-2.2 Multigr Coupled (199n + 42gamma) X-Section Lib. in MATXS Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1847 ZZ MATJEFF31.BOLIB, JEFF-3.1 Multigr Coupled(199n + 42gamma) X-Section MATXS Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1205 ZZ MATX175/42-JEFF87, 172 Neutron-Group, 42 Gamma-Group MATXS Library in VITAMIN-J Structure
dlc-0176 ZZ MATXS10, 30-Group Neutron, 12-Group Gamma Cross-Sections in MATXS Format from ENDF/B-VI
dlc-0177 ZZ MATXS11, 80-Group Neutron, 24-Group Gamma Cross-Section in MATXS Format from ENDF/B-VI
nea-1206 ZZ MATXS70-JEFF87, 69+1 Group MATXS Library in WIMS BOXER Structure
nea-1707 ZZ MATXSLIBJ33,JENDL-3.3 based,175 N-42 photon groups (VITAMIN-J) MATXS lib. for discrete ordinates multi-group
nea-1668 ZZ MCB-EAF99, MCB Continuous-Energy Neutron Cross Section Libraries for Temperatures from 300 to 1800 K.
nea-1669 ZZ MCB-ENDF/B6.8, MCB Continuous-Energy Neutron Cross Section Libraries for Temperatures from 300 to 1800 K.
nea-1667 ZZ MCB-JEF2.2, MCB Continuous-Energy Neutron Cross Section Libraries for Temperatures from 300 to 1800 K.
nea-1670 ZZ MCB-JENDL-3.2, MCB Continuous-Energy Neutron Cross Section Libraries for Temperatures from 300 to 1800 K.
nea-1655 ZZ MCB63NEA.BOLIB, MCNP Cross Section Library Based on ENDF/B-VI Release 3
nea-1616 ZZ MCJEF22NEA.BOLIB, MCNP Cross Section Library Based on JEF-2.2
nea-1768 ZZ MCJEFF3.1NEA, MCNP Neutron Cross Section Library based on JEFF3.1
nea-1651 ZZ MCLIB-E6, Continuous Energy Cross Section Library from ENDF/B-VI.5 for MCNP-4A, -4B, 300K, 600K, 900K
iaea1376 ZZ MENDL-2P, Proton Medium Energy Nuclear Data Library
iaea1217 ZZ N-SPECT/DET-RESP, Neutron Spectra and Detector Responses for Radiation Protection
iaea1279 ZZ NMF-90, Database for Neutron Spectra Unfolding
dlc-0172 ZZ NUCDECAY, Nuclear Decay Data for Radiation Dosimetry Calculation for ICRP and MIRD
dlc-0202 ZZ NUCDECAYCALC, Nuclear Decay Data for Radiation Dosimetry Calculation for ICRP
nea-1642 ZZ ORIGEN2.2-UPJ, A complete package of ORIGEN2 libraries based on JENDL-3.2 and JENDL-3.3
dlc-0038 ZZ ORYX-E, Group Constant Library from ENDF/B Fission Product Data for ORIGEN Calculation
iaea1423 ZZ PADF-2007, Proton Activation Data File in ENDF-6 format
dlc-0236 ZZ PHOBIA, Photon Buildup Factors to Account for Angular Incidence on Shield Walls
dlc-0136 ZZ PHOTX, Photon Interaction Cross-Section Library for 100 Elements
nea-1868 ZZ PIXE2010, Proton/Alpha Ionization (K,L,M shell) Tabulated Cross-Section Library
iaea1235 ZZ PNESD, Diffusion Elastic Scattering Cross-Section of 3 MeV to 1000 MeV Proton on Natural Isotopes
iaea1409 ZZ POINT-2004, Linearly Interpolable ENDF/B-VI.8 Data for 13 Temperatures
iaea1421 ZZ POINT-2007, linearly interpolable ENDF/B-VII.0 data for 14 temperatures
iaea1430 ZZ POINT-2009, a Temperature Dependent ENDF/B-VII.0 Cross Section Library
iaea1441 ZZ POINT-2021, ENDF/B-VIII.0 Temperature Dependent Cross Section Library
dlc-0212 ZZ POINT2000, Linearly Interpolable ENDF/B-VI.7 Data for 8 Temperatures
dlc-0247 ZZ POINT2011, Linearly Interpolable ENDF/B-VII.1 Beta2 Cross-Section Library for 13 Temperatures
dlc-0192 ZZ POINT97, Temperature-Dependent ENDF/B-6 Cross-Sections at 8 Temperature Between 0K and 2100K
dlc-0196 ZZ PR-EDB, Power Reactor Embrittlement Database
iaea1277 ZZ PRONDOS, Evaluations of Selected Neutron Activation Reactions for Dosimetry
dlc-0126 ZZ PVE, 38-Group P8 Photon Cross-Section Library for Gamma Radiation Transport
nea-1607 ZZ PWR-AXBUPRO-GKN, Measured Axial Burnup Profiles, NPP Neckarewstheim
uscd1219 ZZ PWR-AXBUPRO-SNL, Computed Axial Burnup Profile Database for PWR
dlc-0134 ZZ RADDECAY, Decay Data Library for Radiological Assessment
dlc-0055 ZZ RECOIL/B, Heavy Charged Particle Recoil Spectra Library for Radiation Damage Calculation
nea-1545 ZZ RFL-2-DTF, Group Constant Library of Reaction Cross-Section, Gas Production, KERMA, DPA
iaea1365 ZZ RIPL & ZZ RIPL-2, Parameter Library for Nuclear Model Calculations
iaea1407 ZZ RRDF-98, Cross-sections and covariance matrices for 22 neutron induced dosimetry reactions
dlc-0076 ZZ SAILOR, 47 Neutron-20 Gamma-Group Coupled Cross-Section Library from VITAMIN-C by AMPX
nea-1185 ZZ SCALE-LIB, Neutron-Group Constants Library from JEF-1 Using NPTXS, XLACS, XLACS-2 Programs
uscd1236 ZZ SCALE5.1/COVA-44G ZZ SCALE6.0/COVA-44G, 44-group X-section covariance matrix lib. Extracted from SCALE5.1 and 6.0
dlc-0045 ZZ SENPRO/45C, Multigroup Sensitivity Library for Fast Reactors, Thermal Reactors
nea-1854 ZZ SERPENT117-ACELIB, Continuous-energy X-sec lib., radioactive decay, fission yield data for SERPENT in ACE
dlc-0135 ZZ SHAMSI, Coupled 43-Neutron 14-Gamma P3 Cross-Section Library for Fusion Blanket or Shield Calculations
dlc-0139 ZZ SIGMA-A, Photon Interaction and Absorption Cross-Section Library
dlc-0093 ZZ SKYPORT, Importance Function for Neutron and Gamma for Skyshine Dose from Accelerator
dlc-0178 ZZ SNLRML, Dosimetry Cross-Section Recommendations
dlc-0015 ZZ STORM-ISRAEL, Gamma Interaction Cross-Section Library in ENDF/B Format for Transport
iaea0865 ZZ TEMPEST/MUFT, Thermal Neutron and Fast Neutron Multigroup Cross-Section Library for Program LEOPARD
nea-1837 ZZ TENDL-2008-ACE, TENDL-2008 based library for neutrons, protons, deuterons, tritons, helions, alpha and gammas
iaea1399 ZZ TH-N-CAPTURE-RI&G, Thermal Neutron Capture Cross Sections Resonance Integrals and G-Factors
nea-1674 ZZ TH232-UNIBO, Th-232 cross section data for MCNP
dlc-0140 ZZ THERMGAM, Thermal Neutron Capture Gamma Spectroscopical Data Library
dlc-0088 ZZ TPASGAM-85, Gamma Spectra Data Library for Activation Analysis
nea-1883 ZZ TSL-ACE/2013, Thermal Scattering Libraries processed to ACE format
nea-0899 ZZ UKCNDL-82, Chemical Nuclear Data Library of Fission and Decay Reactions in ENDF Format
nea-0642 ZZ UKCTR-1, Cross-Section Library for Neutron Flux and Neutron Reaction Rates in CTR Calculation
nea-0680 ZZ UKCTRIIIA, Neutron Cross-Section Data Library for Fusion Reactor Materials Activation
nea-1390 ZZ UKFY2, Fission Yields of Th, U, Np, Pu, Am, Cm, Cf Isotopes
dlc-0164 ZZ UNGER, Effective Dose Equivalent Data for Selected Isotopes
dlc-0211 ZZ UTXS6, MCNP Continuous-Energy Neutron Cross Section Libraries for Temperatures from 300 to 1365 K.
dlc-0256 ZZ VIP-MAN, Computational Phantom
nea-1264 ZZ VITAMIN J/COVA, Covariance Matrix Data Library for Uncertainty Analysis
dlc-0184 ZZ VITAMIN-B6, Fine-Group Cross-Section Library from ENDF/B-VI.3 for Radiation Transport
dlc-0041 ZZ VITAMIN-C, 171 Neutron-Group, 36 Gamma-Group Coupled Cross-Section for Fusion, LMFBR Calculations
dlc-0113 ZZ VITAMIN-E, 174-Group Neutron, 38-Group Gamma Cross-Section in AMPX Format
nea-1168 ZZ VITAMIN-J/KERMA, Gas Production Cross-Sections, Neutron and Gamma Kerma in FOURACES Format
dlc-0245 ZZ VITAMINB7/BUGLEB7, Broad-Grp, Fine-Grp, Coupled N/Gamma Cross-Sec Lib derived from ENDF/B-VII.0 Nuclear Data
nea-1870 ZZ VITENDF70.BOLIB, ENDF/B-VII.0 Multi-Grp Coupled (199n +42gamma) AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1702 ZZ VITENEA-E, AMPX 174-N,38-gamma multigroup X-sec.library for multidimensional radiation transport and dose evaluation
nea-1703 ZZ VITENEA-J, AMPX 175-N,42-gamma multigroup X-sect. library for nuclear fusion applications
nea-1699 ZZ VITJEF22.BOLIB, JEF-2.2 Multigr Coupled (199n + 42gamma) X-Section Lib. in AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1801 ZZ VITJEFF31.BOLIB,JEFF-3.1 Multigr Coupled (199n + 42gamma) X-Section Lib. in AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1869 ZZ VITJEFF311.BOLIB, JEFF-3.1.1 Multi-Group Coupled (199n + 42gamma) X-Sec Lib in AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applic.
nea-1891 ZZ VITJEFF32.BOLIB, JEFF-3.2 Multi-Grp Coupled (199n+ 42gamma) X-Sec. Lib. In AMPX Fmt for Nuclear Fission Applications
nea-1518 ZZ WIMKAL-88, 69-Group KAERI WIMS Library for Thermal Reactors
iaea1397 ZZ WIMS-D/4LIB, 61, 64, 69, 76 and 79 energy groups WIMS-D/4 libraries
nea-1207 ZZ WIMS-LIB/JEF87, 69+1 Group WIMS-D Library from JEF-1
dlc-0026 ZZ WM-NRSM, Neutron and Gamma Group Cross-Section Library for Nuclear Rocket Shielding Calculations
nea-1610 ZZ WPNCS BENCHM REP, Published Articles and Reports on Criticality Safety
dlc-0174 ZZ XCOM, Photon Cross-Section Library for Personal Computer
iaea1257 ZZ XG, Radionuclide Decay Parameters for Gamma and X-Ray Detector Calibration
nea-1787 ZZ-CRYO-S(A,B)-ACE1, Scattering law and continuous energy cross section library of materials at cryogenic temperatures