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Catalog of Programs in Category P

P. General Mathematical and Computing System Routines

nea-0976 ACCULIB, Program Library of Mathematical Routines
nea-1819 BURD, Bayesian estimation in data analysis of Probabilistic Safety Assessment
nesc9918 DASSL, Solution of Differential Algebraic Equation
ests0848 DDASAC, Double-Precision Differential or Algebraic Sensitivity Analysis
nesc9681 DEM4-26, Least Square Fit for IBM PC by Deming Method
nesc0847 DISPL-1, 2nd Order Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation System Solution for Kinetics Diffusion Problems
psr-0110 DOQDP, Discrete Ordinate Quadrature Generator for Programs DOT and ANISN
nea-1895 ENDSAM, a code for random sampling and validation of covariance data of resonance parameters in ENDF-6 format
nea-1692 FFT-BM, Code Accuracy Evaluations with the 1D Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Methodology
nesc9659 FTAP, Minimal Cut Sets of Arbitrary Fault Trees
psr-0231 GRESS-3.0, FORTRAN Precompiler with Differentiation Enhancement
nea-0192 LAZY, General Experimental Data Processing Program
psr-0394 LHS, Multivariate Sample Generator by Latin Hypercube Sampling
nesc1085 LHS-ESTSC, Multivariate Sample Generator by Latin Hypercube Sampling
uscd1224 LSODI, Implicit Ordinary Differential Equations System Either Dense or Banded Matrices
nesc0888 MINPACK-1, Subroutine Library for Nonlinear Equation System
uscd1232 ODEPACK, Initial Value Problems of Ordinary Differential Equation System
psr-0275 ORMONTE, Uncertainty Analysis for User-Developed System Models
nesc9917 PCHIP, Piecewise Cubic Hermite Data Interpolation
nea-1173 PREP/SPOP, Input Preparation for Monte-Carlo Program SPOP
iaea1174 PSAPACK, Probabilistic Safety Analysis with Fault Event Trees
nesc0674 SAFTAC, Monte-Carlo Fault Tree Simulation for System Design Performance and Optimization
nea-0212 SAHYB-2, Solution of Ordinary Differential Equation with User-Supplied Subroutine
nea-1405 SCALPLO, Plotting of Flux Output from SCALE Program
nea-0908 STATISTICS, Program System for Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data
nesc9749 STATLIB, Interactive Statistics Program Library of Tutorial System
psr-0522 TRUMP, Steady-State and Transient 1-D, 2-D and 3-D Potential Flow, Temperature Distribution
nesc0922 VMCON, Minimization of Nonlinear Function with Constraints