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Catalog of Programs in Category R

R. Environmental and Earth Sciences

nea-1250 2D-SEEP - 3D-SEEP, 2-3-D Ground Water Flow in Permeable Geologic Media
ccc-0612 ALPHN, (Alpha, N) Neutron Production in High-Level Waste Canisters
uscd0795 AMRAW, Risk Assessment Method for Radioactive Waste Management
ests1169 ARCON96, Radioactive Plume Concentration in Reactor Control Rooms
ccc-0417 AT123D, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Transient Waste Transport Simulation in Groundwater
ccc-0179 ATR, Radiation Transport Models in Atmosphere at Various Altitudes
ccc-0454 DISPERS, Radioactive Release into Surface Water and Ground Water
nesc9532 DISPOSAL_SITE, Low-Level Radioactive Waste Storage Cost Analysis
ccc-0624 DOSE-SGTR, Iodine Release During Steam Generator Tube Rupture (SGTR) in PWR
ccc-0634 DUST-BNL, Radioactive Waste Transport from Container Leaks into Ground Water
ests1300 E3D, 3-D Elastic Seismic Wave Propagation Code
nesc0886 EQ3/6, Thermodynamics Equilibrium for Aqueous Solution Mineral System
ccc-0451 FEMWASTE FEMWATER, Finite Elements Method Waste Transport Through Porous Media
nesc1144 FEMWATER BLT, Water or Waste Transport in Soil
nesc9844 FFSM, Long-Term Nuclear Waste Repository Site Simulation by Monte-Carlo
nea-0669 FONTA, Radiation Release in Atmosphere and Deposition in Human Organs
nesc9860 FTRANS, Radionuclide Flow in Groundwater and Fractured Rock
ccc-0737 GENII 2.10, Environmental Radiation Dosimetry System
ccc-0665 HABIT 1.1, Toxic and radioactive release hazards in reactor control room
ests1100 HABIT, Toxic and Radioactive Release Hazards in Reactor Control Room
nea-1345 HARPHRQ, Geochemical Reaction Modelling
ests0545 HGSYSTEM, Atmospheric Dispersion for Ideal Gases and Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)
ests0406 HYFRACP3D, 3-D Hydraulic Fracture Propagation by Finite Element Method
ests0005 IMPACTS-BRC2.1, General Radiological Impacts Analysis
nesc0992 LADTAP-2, Organ Doses to Man and Other Biota from Aquatic Environment
nesc1006 MAEROS, Multicomponent Aerosol Time Evolution
ccc-0503 MARINRAD, Health Hazard from Radioactive Material Release into Ocean
ests0212 MASCON, Mass-Consistent Atmospheric Flux Model
ests0279 MATHEW/ADPIC, Air Concentration and Ground Deposition from Point Sources
nea-1534 MESYST, Simulation of 3-D Tracer Dispersion in Atmosphere
nesc9460 MILDOS-AREA, Radiological Impact of Airborne U238 from Mining and Milling
uscd1097 MINEQL, Chemical Equilibrium Composition of Aqueous Systems
ccc-0684 NRCDOSE 2.3.20, Evaluation of Routine Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants
ccc-0768 NRCDOSE72 1.2.3, Evaluation of Routine Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants with Windows Interface
nea-1249 ORION-II, Concentration and Dose from Radioactive Release into Atmosphere
ests0764 PCDOSE, Radioactive Dose Assessment and NRC Verification
uscd1207 PHREEQC & PHRQCGRF, Modeling of Geochemical Reactions, Calculation of pH, REDOX Potential
nea-0493 PLUDOS, Ground Level Gamma Dose from Radioactive Release at Various Heights
nea-1173 PREP/SPOP, Input Preparation for Monte-Carlo Program SPOP
ests0062 RABFIN PARTS, Noble Gas, Iodine, Particulate Gaseous Effluent Dose Parameters
ccc-0800 RADTRAD 3.03, Model for Radionuclide Transport and Removal and Dose Estimation
nea-1231 REFREP, Near-Field Model for Spent Fuel Repository
ccc-0626 RIVER-RAD, Radionuclide Transport in Surface Waters
psr-0573 SAEROSA, Single-Species Aerosol Coagulation and Deposition with Arbitrary Size Resolution
psr-0608 SAPHIRE 8.0.9, Systems Analysis Programs for Hands-On Integrated Reliability Evaluations
ccc-0289 SKYSHINE2&3-SKYIII-PC, Dose Rate Outside Concrete Steel Building from 6 MeV Gamma by Monte-Carlo
nesc1077 SMACS, Probabilistic Seismic Analysis Chain with Statistics
uscd1100 SOLUPLOT, Eh-pH Diagram, a02-pH Diagram Plots for Aqueous Chemical Systems
nea-1725 STAMPI, Application to the Coupling of Atmosphere Model (MM5) and Land-surface Model (SOLVEG)
ests0219 TOUGH2 & TOUGHREACT, Unsaturated Ground Water and Heat Transfer
nesc9710 TOXRISK, Toxic Gas Release Accident Analysis
nesc9826 VERTPAK-1, Fluid Flow, Rock Deformation, Solute Transport in Porous Media
nea-1142 WADOSE, Radiation Source in Vitrification Waste Storage Apparatus
nesc9673 WAPPA, Waste Package Performance Assessment
nesc0964 XOQDOQ, Meteorological Evaluation of Atmospheric Nuclear Power Plant Effluents
ccc-0847 XOQGAM, Methodology and Software Routines for Computation of Gamma Radiation Exposures from Finite-cloud Gaussian Plumes
nea-1210 ZZ HATCHES-20, Database for radiochemical modelling