AP1000 Working Group (AP1000WG)

The MDEP AP1000 Working Group (AP1000WG) was approved by the MDEP Policy Group in March 2008. The group was focused on safety design reviews, construction, commissioning, and early phase operations for the Westinghouse Electric Company's AP1000 design. The group completed its programme plan and closed its activities on 30 June 2021.

The following national regulatory authorities participated in the AP1000WG:

  • Canada (CNCS)
  • China (NSSA)
  • India (AERB)
  • United Kingdom (ONR)
  • United States (NRC)

Technical expert subgroups met to discuss the areas of control rod drive mechanisms, civil engineering, and squib valve design areas. The working group also discussed issues related to the Fukushima accident lessons learned. A key concept of co-operation in MDEP is to make each regulator stronger in its reviews while at the same time recognising the sovereign rights and responsibilities of national regulatory authorities in licensing new reactors in their countries. See the AP1000WG programme plan for more details of the group's work.

Key stakeholders with whom the AP1000WG interacted routinely included Westinghouse and utilities pursuing licensing and construction of the AP1000.


For more information, see the MDEP Annual Report: 2018-2019.

Closure report

AP1000 Working Group Closure Report 2009-2021

Programme plan

2020-2021 Programme Plan


Technical Reports

Common Positions

Last reviewed: 22 February 2022